Paola Santana

Paola Santana was a strategy officer for state policy at Lumina Foundation until 2023.

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The requirements for handing out state financial aid can impact students of color negatively, but we can change that

Paola Santana  | 
The way many states choose to dole out financial aid could have the “unintentional consequence of disproportionately excluding students who are Black or Hispanic and Latino,” new research shows.
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There’s a better way to defuse racial tension and improve legislative debates

Paola Santana, Scott Jenkins  | 
With the brutal killing of George Floyd and last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, more state legislatures are debating measures that intersect with how we think about race in society.
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Changes in how Lumina makes grants and awards contracts will highlight the need for racial justice and equity

Paola Santana, Amanda DeLaRosa  | 
Lumina Foundation has a long-standing commitment to achieving racial equity—the point when an individual’s race or ethnicity no longer predicts educational outcomes. Creating a learning system in which Black, Hispanic, and Native American people are a priority was crucial to our launch 20 years
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Equity Narratives: For the undocumented, it’s hard to shake the grip of fear

Paola Santana  | 
In our home country, my family was considered white and middle class. But all that changed when my family and I emigrated to the United States when I was 10 years old.
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Lumina grants bring new urgency to boosting success among students of color

Paola Santana  | 
Lumina Foundation has selected seven states to receive short-term grants of up to $50,000 to advance equity-minded leadership aimed at increasing post-high school learning among students of color.
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Lumina offers grants to help states advance equity-minded leadership

Paola Santana  | 
Lumina Foundation is offering six-month grants of up to $50,000 for states that focus on some of the essential practices needed to grow equitable educational attainment.

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