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Susan D. Johnson, Ph.D.

Susan D. Johnson, Ph.D., is director of organizational development and philanthropic practice where she provides conceptual leadership and strategic direction in Lumina's efforts to achieve the 60% attainment goal.Throughout her career in higher education, she has acquired intimate knowledge of policies and practices affecting student success, student engagement, and institutional accountability....Read bio »

Equity Narratives: Recalling my own journey as I sent my son off to college

Feb 27, 2020

Last semester, I sent my son off to college. People who know me will tell you that since my son was small, he's known that in 2019, he would leave home and start the next phase of his life. My job would be to equip him with the skills he needed to be successful — as a student, as an adult, and as a citizen.

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Case Study: How Lumina Sharpened Its Focus on Eradicating Systemic Racism

Oct 16, 2017

Lumina Foundation has worked to increase its commitment to racial equity, primarily by helping its staff understand systemic racism better, according to a newly-released case study by Grantmakers for Education.

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Restoration of Year-Round Pell is a Win, But the Battle's Not Over

May 05, 2017

When Congress voted to restore year-round Pell in the 2017 omnibus budget, some declared victory. Students can now use these funds over summer terms and potentially accelerate degree completion. While this was a definite win, the fight to keep the Pell program well-funded continues.

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