Zainab Okolo

Zainab Okolo Ed.D., worked for Lumina Foundation in various capacities from 2017 to 2023.

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We agree with the Surgeon General on college mental health: It’s time to ‘blow it open.’

Zainab Okolo, Jamie Merisotis  | 
We’re having a moment in mental health, and we need to use it to challenge assumptions, push for sustainable funding, focus on preventative measures, and end the stigma of mental illness.
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Student parents have the heart to succeed in college—let’s help them make it

Zainab Okolo, Shauna Davis  | 
Parenting is hard—and even harder when trying to balance the pursuit of higher education and the demands of a job. That trifecta is enough to bring even the most ardent multitasker to a point of exhaustion.
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Amid COVID-19 Stress and Winter Blues, Here’s How Students Can Feel Better

Zainab Okolo  | 
College students have always struggled with stress. But today, students say, stress, anxiety, and loneliness are their top concerns as they see their education and career plans delayed or ruined amid the global health pandemic and economic turmoil.
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Competency-based education conference will feature new research, best practices

Zainab Okolo  | 
This year’s CBExchange conference will look at new research on competency-based education and give attendees a chance to see the latest design models and materials for developing programs of their own.