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Lumina Foundation Issues Challenge to Improve User Experience of the “College Scorecard”

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Lumina Foundation, in partnership with InnoCentive, has issued a new crowdsourcing Challenge to improve the user experience of the “College Scorecard,” an initiative launched by the federal government last year.

“Often cited as ‘low-hanging fruit’ in helping more students access college, informational tactics are difficult to get right,” said Lumina Foundation President & CEO Jamie Merisotis. “Trusted and easy-to-use sources of information about college prices and outcomes can be difficult to find.”

Even the best information cannot replace a caring counselor or an in-person visit to a physical campus; but unfortunately most students do not enjoy these luxuries. For the millions of working adults looking to return to college, these individualized opportunities are often few and far in between. For these students, improved sources of information can make a difference in their college search process.

In order to solve some of these issues, Lumina Foundation announces a Challenge today, in partnership with InnoCentive, for anybody who wants to participate and improve the user experience of the College Scorecard. The goal is to provide an easy-to-use, streamlined source of information about college that is appealing to the diverse landscape of potential students. Lumina requests that Solvers reinvent the user experience of the College Scorecard by creating a visual mock-up of how the website, individual college profiles, and college comparison pages would appear, with at least the main webpage and a few key supporting webpages.

There is a guaranteed award of up to $10,000 for the best ideas on how to redesign the Scorecard to better appeal to students, using publicly available data. Winners will be announced this fall. The full challenge can be found here:

Tracy Chen

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