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MoveED Grows to Nearly 3,000 Organizations Sharing Solutions to Increase Higher Ed Attainment

New Mapping Tool Showcases Partners Working to Achieve Goal 2025

INDIANAPOLIS–Lumina Foundation and several lead partners today announced that their online solutions marketplace—MoveED for Goal 2025—has grown to include nearly 3,000 organizations since being publicly launched in April. Due in part to such rapid expansion, MoveED now features street-level mapping that showcases and connects organizations working to make postsecondary attainment America’s cause.

“MoveED was created because we must do more as a nation to make education beyond high school a reality for more people—especially low-income students, students of color, first generation students and adult learners,” said Jamie P. Merisotis, president and chief executive officer of Lumina Foundation. “So many good organizations are working in this space, and we’re striving to harness their ideas and solutions to create a more powerful force for change.”

The digital platform provides a detailed street-level mapping tool of organizations working to increase postsecondary attainment. The map allows MoveED visitors to easily identify and network with organizations so they can share ideas and solutions to help students succeed. The map also allows organizations to earn recognition for the great work they are doing to help achieve Goal 2025.

Joining Lumina Foundation in MoveED lead partners include: America’s Promise Alliance, Arizona College Access Network, Career Girls, Community Education Coalition, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, Council for Opportunity in Education, First Generation Film, Florida College Access Network, Forum for Youth Investment, Helios Education Foundation, Illinois Student Assistance Commission, I’m First, Kappa Alpha Psi, Kresge Foundation, Michigan College Access Network, Michigan State University College Advising Corps, National College Access Network, National Urban League, Northeast Florida College Access Network, Southern California College Access Network, Student African American Brotherhood, Tennessee College Access and Success Network, Welcome to College and Young Invincibles.

“Through the GradNation campaign, our Alliance is working to move more young people toward being prepared for adult success,” said John Gomperts, president and CEO of America’s Promise Alliance. "That means more young people graduating from high school, and more of those who graduate moving forward to obtain post-secondary degrees or credentials. We are proud to be working shoulder-to-shoulder with MoveED and Lumina Foundation on this dynamic and crucial endeavor.”

Organizations interested in becoming part of MoveED for Goal 2025 can go to to learn more about the digital platform and how to get involved. Webinars are also being held on a regular basis to educate organizational leaders on the benefits associated with joining the MoveED network.

About MoveED for Goal 2025: is a digital platform connecting people to solutions designed to increase postsecondary education attainment in the United States at national, regional and local levels. Our collective mission is to achieve Goal 2025, which is a national effort to increase the proportion of Americans—especially low-income students, students of color, first generation students and adult learners—with high quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025. For more information about MoveED for Goal 2025, go to

About Lumina Foundation: 
Lumina Foundation is an independent, private foundation committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with degrees, certificates and other high-quality credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Lumina’s outcomes-based approach focuses on helping to design and build an equitable, accessible, responsive and accountable higher education system while fostering a national sense of urgency for action to achieve Goal 2025.

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Lumina Foundation For MoveED for Goal 2025

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Stronger Nation 2017 demonstration
Stronger Nation 2017 demonstration
June 19, 2017

A Stronger Nation 2017 report uses Census data to track progress in degree attainment at several levels – nationally, in metropolitan areas, in all 50 states, and down to the county level. It also contains national data and state-specific estimates that show attainment of high-quality postsecondary certificates.