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In the talent race, companies are helping pay for employees’ higher education. Is it paying off?

April 25, 2016

As the job market rebounds and Millennials become the dominant generation in the workforce, companies are stepping up their efforts to attract top talent. To do so, many are turning towards a benefit that has been offered to varying degrees over the last decade – covering the cost of employees’ higher education.

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Win/Win: Making the Business Case for Employer Talent Investment

April 25, 2016

On behalf of Lumina Foundation, UpSkill America and the Business Champions for Adult Credential Completion, we hope you can join us for a live webcast highlighting the contributions of employers to US talent needs. This session will bring together employers with governmental, policy and academic leaders to discuss how employers are working to elevate the skills and education of incumbent workers.

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Boldness, Wisdom Needed to Safeguard Higher Education

April 05, 2016

Lesley University President Joseph Moore reflects on strategizing with Lumina CEO Jamie Merisotis about tackling socioeconomic stratification in higher education in Boldness, Wisdom Needed to Safeguard Higher Education.

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Jamie Merisotis: Making Providence a talent hub

Jan 25, 2016

The 21st century is shaping up to be a golden age for cities, with growth in U.S. municipalities projected to create an even stronger urban majority in coming decades. The cities that emerge as exemplars in this era will focus on a common ingredient: talent. Their future successes will be shaped — in large part — by their ability to hone the pool of critical human capital needed to fuel this century’s workforce.

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It’s the Learning, Stupid

Jan 08, 2016

Higher education institutions must redesign and reinvent themselves to reflect the realities of today’s students, today’s economy and today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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Talent in America and Reimagining 20th Century Success

Nov 20, 2015

Exclusive Ideagen Interview by George Sifakis with Jamie Merisotis, CEO of Lumina Foundation and Author of America Needs Talent

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Higher Education and Talent

Oct 29, 2015

In America Needs Talent, Lumina President and CEO Jamie Merisotis describes a broad fix to the talent pool problem that includes immigration policy shifts and the creation of a new U.S. Department of Talent, which would absorb the U.S. Department of Education. Paul Fain of Inside Higher Ed asks Merisotis some questions about his book and what the proposals would mean for higher education.

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Looking for Talent at Work - Bloomberg Radio

Oct 27, 2015

Bloomberg Radio interviews Lumina President & CEO Jamie Merisotis on "America Needs Talent" and how to increase the talent of our nation’s workforce.

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Five Ways to Deploy a 21st Century Workforce

Sep 15, 2015

In our dynamic and global economy, we need to ask whether our workforce is equipped to meet the increasingly complex demands of the 21st century. The answer, as it stands today, is a decisive no.

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