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April 10, 2019
What Kevin Carey Got Right (and Wrong)
Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed
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Think tank analyst Kevin Carey's essay in The Huffington Post last week, "The Creeping Capitalist Takeover of Higher Education," struck a nerve among many people in and around higher education. 

Several campus leaders, online learning experts, and researchers offer their thoughts on what Carey's takedown of online program management providers, online pricing, and the corporate influence in higher education got right and wrong.
Jamie Merisotis
Are Students Socially Connected? Check Their Dining-Hall-Swipe Data
Vimal Patel, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Two ideas in higher education have gained wide acceptance in recent years. One is the use of Big Data to help identify students who may be at risk of dropping out, and intervening to set them back on track. The other is the importance of social connections in student success.

New research combines those trends in a novel way to measure students’ social connectedness. Researchers at the University of Iowa collected data on a semester’s worth of ID-card swipes at the dining hall—nearly a half million from about 4,000 students in the fall of 2009—and created a measure that correlates positively with retention and graduation rates.

Jamie Merisotis
The State of American Higher Education Outcomes in 2019
Michael Itzkowitz, Third Way
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Obtaining an education beyond high school is no longer a luxury for the few, but rather a necessity for most to enter the middle-class.

A new report examines whether postsecondary institutions in the United States are successful in educating and preparing the next generation of workers. The study looks specifically at three critical measures of success: college completion, post-enrollment-earnings, and loan repayment. 

Live From ASU-GSV, Day 1
Future U Podcast
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In a round of lightning interviews in front of a studio audience at the annual ASU-GSV summit in San Diego, Michael Horn and Jeff Selingo talk with the architects of the biggest deal announced at the conference, as well as with leading CEOs and entrepreneurs about the future of traditional colleges and workplace learning. 
Utah Program Promotes Women in Job Trades
Jasen Lee, Deseret News
Online Enabler Aims for Lifelong Learning
Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed
Should Teachers and Parents Take the CTE Boom Seriously?
Frederick M. Hess, American Enterprise Institute
SHOUTS Shout-Out
Chris Yurko, AACC 21st Century Center 
Report Offers Insight Into Connection Between Mindset and Student Success
Tiffany Pennamon, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
A Mind at Work: Maximizing the Relationship Between Mindset and Student Success
University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Community College Student Engagement
College Readiness Report 2019
Indiana Commission for Higher Education
State Higher Education Finance: FY 2018
State Higher Education Executive Officers Association
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