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August 9, 2019
Want Students to Care About General Education? Ask Them to Help Explain Why It Matters
Beth McMurtrie, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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For many students, the term “general education” evokes visions of drudgery: mandated coursework on subjects that can feel remote. Professors wish students were excited to foray into philosophy or art or science, but in truth students don’t always see the big picture. They just know it has to be done.

So when Boise State University wanted to better explain the purpose of its general-education curriculum, it turned to an often-untapped source: students.

Jamie Merisotis
‘Nudging’ Students to College Matriculation
Lauren Costantino, The 74
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While cell phones in the classroom can detract from student learning, one school program is taking advantage of the fact that a generation of digital natives can’t stay off their phones.

KIPP Public Charter Schools, a national charter school network of more than 200 schools, rolled out the National Nudge Texting Pilot this summer. The program uses automated “nudges” in the form of text messages to combat the "summer melt" phenomenon in which high school graduates with plans to go to college never make it there.   

Jamie Merisotis
Warrior-Scholar Project ‘Boot Camp’ at UCI Puts Military Members on the Front Line of Education
Lilly Nguyen, Los Angeles Times
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Fourteen veterans and active military service members from around the country are going back to basic training this week in sunny Irvine, miles from their bases and homes.

This time, however, the “cadets” are not being trained for what the military will demand of them emotionally, physically, and mentally. Armed with pencils, highlighters, and textbook after textbook, they're attending a boot camp of a different kind—one meant to prepare them for college. 

With ‘Hybrid’ Campuses, Online Course Providers Offer In-Person Services
Rebecca Koenig, EdSurge
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In theory, online courses have the potential to untether learning from location, freeing students to study anywhere they can pick up a Wi-Fi signal. Yet in practice, that’s not how they tend to behave.

Recognizing this paradox, several online course providers have created physical campus centers designed to offer students a space to interact both with each other and employees who provide support services. They’re a mashup of a co-working space, an administrative center, and a library—sans the books.

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Corinne Ruff, St. Louis Public Radio
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Steven Geller, AACC 21st Century Center
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Kelsey Klopfenstein, Florida State News
Tech Not a Cure-All in Student Advising
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology
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Heather E. McGowan, Forbes
An Assist for DACA Students
Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Inside Higher Ed
Business, Education Leaders Launch Workforce Program
Ron Musselman, The Indiana Gazette
Commentary: Congress Can Act to Help Students Navigate College Financing
Jim Larimore, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Non-Degree Credential Quality: A Conceptual Framework to Guide Measurement
Rutgers School of Labor and Management Relations
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