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August 23, 2017
One Trick for Keeping Kids in College: Forgive Tiny Debts That Force Them to Leave
Ben Paynter, Fast Company
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Many college students leave higher education before graduation over unpaid debts under $1,000. Tactics like micro-debt forgiveness may help them make it through to the finish line. 

How to Make Orientation Stick
Kathryn Masterson, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Colleges are turning to a mix of techniques and program formats to help students connect to college life during orientation and ensure their future academic succss. 

A USC Approach to Degree Completion: Leveraging Palmetto College to Drive Adult Enrollments
Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, The EvoLLLution
Launching and leveraging an adult-focused college within the University of South Carolina system is helping to drive adult enrollments, improve overall degree completion and support the health of the state’s labor force.
Purdue Invests in Students’ Futures With New Model of Financing
Hari Sreenivasan, PBS NewsHour
College graduation can be a time of financial anxiety. But Purdue University is offering students a new way to pay for their degrees: Students get funding when they agree to pay back the university a percentage of their future earnings, 
Spotlight On Medical Apprenticeships
Leah Nixon, Community College Daily
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Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) has seen a dynamic expansion in its apprenticeship programs during the past six years. These programs highlight some of the many ways in which the college is providing the educational resources to help fill West Michigan’s demand for skilled labor.

Religious University and 2-Year College
Ashley A. Smith, Inside Higher Ed
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A handful of religious universities are now offering two-year degrees, with a goal of workforce development and serving more low-income students. 

Quantifying the Advantage for Legacy Applicants
Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed
Blog: Five Biggest Trends in College Admissions
Sara Harberson, The Huffington Post
Opinion: Equal Opportunity to Build America's Workforce
Michele Daugherty, Orange County Register
Georgia Students Drop Out With High Debt Despite State Surplus
Meredith Kolodner and Sarah Butrymowicz, The Hechinger Report/PBS NewsHour