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August 4, 2020
Pandemic Notebook: 13 Students Across America Write About COVID-19, Their Disrupted School Year, and the Disorienting New Normal
Andrew Brownstein, The 74
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During the pandemic, amid loud debates about COVID-related learning loss and the angst over whether to reopen or not to reopen, it was sometimes easy to miss a quieter story: students grappling with the most disorienting semester of their lives.

To give voice to those experiences, The 74 created the “Pandemic Notebook"—an ongoing look at students living and learning during the coronavirus, told in their own words. 

College Fails
Amanda Aronczyk, NPR
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The pandemic is transforming college from a can't-miss into a can't-attend experience. Can colleges survive? 

This episode of "Planet Money" investigates how students, staff, and faculty at one college, Rutgers University, are coping.

Students Return to Campus Amid Virus Growth in Some States
Bryan Anderson and John Raby, The Associated Press
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As some college students return to their dorms this week, they won't find the typical mobs of students and parents. Instead, many will be greeted with strict safety protocols and some heightened anxiety amid a global pandemic where virus infections are growing in dozens of states.

Faculty to Students: Stay Home
Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed
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Many professors think their institutions’ fall reopening plans are foolhardy, dangerous, or even unethical. But a group of tenured faculty members at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill took the unprecedented step last week of directly telling students not to come back to campus next semester.

Students and Families Look for Backup Plans Should Fall Semester Be Disrupted
Owen Daugherty, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Opinion: It's Time to Fix the Broken Higher Education Transfer Pipeline
William Crowe, Shanna Smith-Jaggars, and Chris Soto, The Hill
Essay: Focus on the Most Vulnerable
Jack Markell, Inside Higher Ed
Looking Back, Moving Forward: Preparing for the Unknown
Chris Hayhurs, EdTech Magazine: Focus on Higher Education
Blog: Engaging and Supporting Prospective Students
Rebecca Wasserman and Emily Schwartz, Ithaka S+R
Out of the Wreckage of COVID, the Rebirth of College Career Services
Maria Flynn, New England Journal of Higher Education
Webinar: Making the Case for College During COVID-19
ACT Center for Equity in Learning
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