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December 13, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
Louisville's $15 Billion Problem: 17,000 Young People Are Out of School and Out of Work
Mandy McLaren, Louisville Courier Journal
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KiKi Shelton's struggle to find long-term work—be it in a warehouse, at a restaurant, or in retail—represents an urgent crisis among Louisville’s young adults. Too many lack the education or training to land meaningful work—jobs that will pay them a living wage and grant them the financial independence they crave.

Jamie Merisotis
Student Loans A Lot Like the Subprime Mortgage Debacle, Watchdog Says
Chris Arnold, NPR
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Mike Calhoun rang the alarm bell early on about the subprime mortgage debacle—before reckless lending drove the economy into recession. These days, he's sounding the alarm about student loans.

Calhoun is the president of the nonprofit Center for Responsible Lending. For decades, he's been keeping watch to protect people from risky lending. He says that with student loans, just like with the housing crisis, there's no consideration about whether the person getting the loan will be able to repay it.

Jamie Merisotis
Students Don’t Feel Their High Schools Prepare Them for Careers
Victoria Lim, WorkingNation
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High school students, their parents, and potential employers seem to agree on one important issue—high schoolers are not well prepared to enter the workforce after they graduate.

A program in Rhode Island is working to change that by creating pathway programs that align to high-demand career fields and connect students to real-world learning opportunities with hundreds of Rhode Island businesses.

Jamie Merisotis
MentorLinks Helps Colleges Achieve Goals Faster
Madeline Patton, Community College Daily
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Kathryn Miller wants to start the Appalachian Cybersecurity Innovation Initiative at Big Sandy Community and Technical College. Laura Lynch of Bluegrass Community and Technical College aims to develop an orthotic and prosthetic technician program. And Chad Tischer of Iowa Lakes Community College plans to improve recruitment to the college's sustainable energy technician program.

All three are among a new cohort of 10 community colleges participating in the MentorLinks program.

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