Top stories in higher ed for Tuesday
Lumina Foundation is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
February 20, 2018
Making Apprenticeships Work
Ryan Craig and Tom Bewick, The Hill
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Not all of today's workforce innovations are rooted in the transformative potential of technology. The apprenticeship model, with origins in the European craft guilds of the Middle Ages, continues to gain currency in the United States among both high and low-tech employers looking for better ways to identify, attract, and develop talent.
Photo: Laurel Morales
Navajo President: Go to College, Then Bring That Knowledge Home
Laurel Morales, NPR
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Half of Native Americans say college was never part of the conversation growing up. Their graduation rates are far below the national average. Navajo leaders say those who go to college don't return.

You Can Help Make Sure Freshmen Show Up. Here's How.
Beckie Supiano, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Austin Birchell, a first-generation student, ran into a major snag the summer before he started college. He was counting on a state merit scholarship to cover a significant chunk of his tuition at Georgia State University. But the bill was due soon, and he still hadn’t received his financial-aid award.

He sought and received answers from a text message-based chatbot that helps new Georgia State University students successfully transition to college.

Investing in Education: What Xerox and Kodak Can Teach Cities
Dakota Pawlicki and Jesse O’Connell, Medium
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Development deals alone won't attract or keep businesses in cities seeking to grow jobs. Investing in adult learning after high school is the first, critical step that a community can make to secure a stable and diversified economic future.
To Fill Jobs in a Tight Labor Market, Employers May Need to Get Creative
Lauren Weber and Rachel Feintzeig, The Wall Street Journal
Opinion: Preparing for the Jobs of Tomorrow Starts Today
Roger Wicker and Brendan Carr, Jackson Clarion Ledger
Bill Would Extend Reach of Scholarship Program
Kera Wanielista, Skagit Valley Herald
Free Pantry Aims to Help SCC Students
The Mount Airy News (North Carolina)

Opinion: The Pitts­burgh Promise Reaches Into the Fu­ture
Franco Harris, Anne Lewis, and Debbie Demchak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Districts Want Students to Reach Beyond High School
Tim Johnson, The Daily Nonpareil
Analysis: Plan Tries to Slow Brain Drain From Mississippi
Emily Wagster Pettus, The News & Observer
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