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Lumina Foundation is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
February 28, 2020
Jamie Merisotis
Equity Narratives: For the Undocumented, It’s Hard to Shake the Grip of Fear
Paola Santana, Medium
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When you’re undocumented, fear colors every interaction. Fear that people will find out. Fear that people will use your status against you. Fear of law enforcement. Fear that you’ll do something to get your parents deported. Fear that you’ll be deported and separated from your family.

Paola Santana knows these fears firsthand. As a strategy officer for Lumina Foundation, Santana works to close persistent, unfair education gaps for students of color and all who want to learn and lead better lives. Santana and other Lumina staff members are sharing their personal journeys around race in America as part of Lumina's commitment to equity and justice. 

Jamie Merisotis
‘I Want to See You Here’: How to Make College a Better Bet for More People
Sara Lipka, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Going to college can change the course of someone’s life. And yet the American higher-education system waylays a lot of students. It is deeply stratified. And for many people, it remains out of reach entirely.

Educators, policy makers, and funders have all started talking more about social mobility, but are they pulling the right levers? In this interview, a campus leader, a public official, a researcher, and a college counselor discuss structural inequalities, expectations of students and their motivation to enroll in college, and the kind of support they actually need.

Jamie Merisotis
MNPS, Nashville State Announce Partnership in Hopes of Improving Outcomes for the City's Students
Jason Gonzales, The Tennessean
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Nashville schools and the city's community college are joining together in a new effort to better prepare the city's students for their future. 

The partnership will link Metro Nashville Public Schools and Nashville State Community College together under a formal agreement that allows the two to share student information and resources. The goal of the effort, called "Better Together," is to improve college success and prepare students for Nashville's workforce needs. The agreement also bridges a key gap in how the district hands off its graduates to a college where about a quarter attend.

Jamie Merisotis
Higher Learning Advocates Policy Brief Suggests Measures to Improve Part-Time Student Success
Sarah Wood, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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The profile of today's college students is changing. Students are more diverse than previous generations. Twenty-four percent are parents, 37 percent are older than 25, 49 percent are financially independent, and 42 percent are students of color. About 40 percent of today’s students attend college part time.

A new policy brief calls on policymakers and institutions to think more intentionally about the needs of part-time students. Among the report's suggestions: make career pathways more transparent and use technology to offer flexible and innovative student support services.

Identifying Local Skills Gaps
Madeline St. Amour, Inside Higher Ed
A Five-Year Vision for Artificial Intelligence in Higher Ed
Micah Castelo, EdTech Magazine: Focus on Higher Education
(Some) Free Tuition for Some in New Jersey
Madeline St. Amour, Inside Higher Ed
Developing Business Acumen Among STEM Students
Matthew Dembicki, Community College Daily
Enrollment and Out-of-State Learning Placements
National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements 
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