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January 22, 2019
Does It Really Matter Where You Go to College?
Jennifer Stayton, KUT 90.5
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Does it really matter where you go to college? The answer can be complicated. In this podcast, Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger shares his thoughts on choosing the right college fit, plus the importance of having as expansive a college experience as possible beyond just classroom learning.

Some Colleges Start Using Their Long Winter Breaks to Help Students Plan for Jobs
Jon Marcus, The Hechinger Report
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Located in the foothills of California's San Gabriel Mountains, Scripps College holds a one-week career-preparation program for students during its winter break. It's one of a handful of such events that are beginning to crop up on campuses nationwide during a period that goes otherwise generally unused.  

Using winter break for this work is among the ways some colleges, especially those that focus on the liberal arts, are responding to demands that they provide more practical career advising. It's also an attempt to improve graduates' placement rates and salaries, on which the schools are increasingly judged. 

The Unseen Reason Working-Class Students Drop Out
Nicole Stephens and Sarah Townsend, Politico
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It’s one of the most frustrating facts in education: Compared with peers from middle- and upper-class families, students who are low-income or the first in their families to attend college struggle to achieve once there.

What can policymakers and educators do to address social class gaps in college students' academic outcomes? Sometimes the answer is as simple as revising a university welcome message to give these students a sense of belonging on campus. Other solutions may include group learning; promoting a community of peers who can navigate college together; and connecting all students to the support of advisors or mentors.  

Small Colleges Get Experimental in Bid to Survive
Lawrence Biemiller, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Hiram College is one of several small postsecondary institutions living the adage about necessity's being the mother of invention. Facing deteriorating demographic forecasts alongside students' and parents' uncertainty about the value of the liberal arts, these colleges are adjusting their offerings and their marketing in creative ways.

Student-Centered Learning and Student Buy-In
Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed
Why the Construction Trades Are a Draw for Gen Z
Kathleen Brown, Education Dive
Opinion: Legislature Should Invest in Training, Education Beyond High School
Luke Robins, Peninsula Daily News (Washington State)
Commentary: Helping Older Adults Go Back to College
Liesl Harris, Community College Daily
Essay: Deregulating Apprenticeship
Mary Alice McCarthy, Inside Higher Ed
Editorial: Yes to Opportunity
Crain's Cleveland Business
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