Top stories in higher ed for Tuesday
Lumina Foundation is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
January 9, 2018
Partnering for the Common Good
Sandra Massey, Community College Daily
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By partnering with industry employers, Arkansas State University-Newport ensures that what students learn in the classroom has real on-the-job value. The result is a talent pool necessary to fill the demand of the local economy and stimulate its growth.

How Many Grace Hoppers Have Been Lost From the Innovation Pipeline?
Jay Shambaugh and Becca Portman, Brookings Institution
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The lack of women in science and innovation fields is not simply a question of fairness or equality; it suggests that the economy is missing out on important potential for productivity growth.
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Not Everyone Needs College, Auditor’s Office Says, So Schools Should Do Better Job With Career Training
Katherine Long, The Seattle Times
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A new report from the state auditor's office says Washington could be doing a much better job in its high schools and community colleges to guide students toward careers that pay well but don’t necessarily require a four-year college degree.

Closing Gaps in Tennessee
Ashley A. Smith, Inside Higher Ed
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Despite tackling college access head-on, challenges remain in Tennessee as the state grapples with decreasing adult student enrollment and an achievement gap for African-American students.
Inmates Are Classmates in This Program
Michael Anft, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Simone Bishara is one of 100 or so students at Pitzer College taking classes with students who are in jail. The program offers an equal number of "insiders" and "outsiders"—12 from each group—the chance to study together in such courses as "Prison Autobiography," "Latino Politics," and "Linguistic Discrimination."

By getting two distinctly different groups sharing their experiences beyond campus gates and prison walls, Pitzer aims to improve students’ understanding of others, as well as sharpen their political and social thinking. 

Photo: Molly Mendoza
The False Promises of Worker Retraining
Jeffrey Selingo, The Atlantic
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Despite assurances from policymakers that retraining is the key to success, such programs have consistently failed to equip workers with the preparation they need to secure jobs.

A Look at Fast-Growing Jobs in Clark County
Troy Brynelson, The Columbian
It’s All About the Students
Becky Takeda-Tinker, The EvoLLLution
Helping Dreamers Is the Right Thing to Do for America
Lisa Falkenberg, Houston Chronicle
Commentary: How to Reach Out to First-Generation Students
Brian Payne, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Education Department Proposes Major Changes to Student Aid
Colleen Campbell, Center for American Progress
Editorial: Time to Tackle Student Debt
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal
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