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July 2, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
Sitting on Ready: Colleges Brace for Deportation Uptick 
LaMont Jones, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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Undocumented students at U.S. colleges and universities have faced growing uncertainty in recent years—even those with somewhat more security through their participation in the imperiled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Things just got more tense with the Trump administration’s recent decision to step up enforcement of deportation orders.

The layered uncertainties are forcing many institutions to walk a fine line between supporting their students and not obstructing justice. Some are stepping up efforts to connect students to advocacy organizations and make referrals to off-campus legal services. For others, the balancing act means providing resources to concerned students who seek support and complying with legal requests that may be made by federal law enforcement agencies.

Jamie Merisotis
How Three Experts Say Colleges Can Prepare Students for 21st-Century Careers
Sara Lipka, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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College and business leaders often refer to a “skills gap”—a shortage of qualified candidates to fill open jobs—or debate whether such a gap exists. What’s clear is that students who enroll in college, whether straight out of high school or at some juncture in their working lives, face a lack of information about which academic programs will lead to given career paths. And those programs may not prepare them for an evolving economy.

Three education experts weigh in on integrating career development into the educational experience, expanding models of work-based learning, and promoting opportunities for all students. 

Jamie Merisotis
The Gathering Storm of Student Loans
Justin Milner, Critical Value
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It’s no secret that the nation’s total student loan debt has grown exponentially in recent years. Why is overall debt increasing? When is taking on student loan debt a good idea? And what are some emerging proposals to fix our growing debt balance? 

On this podcast, Matt Chingos of the Urban Institute talks about balancing access to higher education with the risk that comes with student loan borrowing. 

Jamie Merisotis
Guilford's Gamble
Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed
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It's hard to overstate the change happening at Guilford College right now. This fall, the North Carolina institution is launching not only a new academic calendar but a vastly different curriculum. It's also expanding the new team-advising program it added this past academic year.

Faculty members and administrators alike are nervous. Few curricular revamps are of this scope. And, as at most small, tuition-dependent liberal arts colleges, the stakes of the game are high: Guilford's enrollment has been dropping steadily each year for a decade. 

DeVos Issues Final Repeal of Gainful Employment
Andrew Kreighbaum, Inside Higher Ed
Commentary: Transforming Indiana’s Workforce
Northwest Indiana Workforce Board, Northwest Indiana Times
Opinion: Boston’s Community College Problem
Juma Crawford and Marisa Meldonian, CommonWealth Magazine
The Way We Were: The Changing Geography of U.S. Manufacturing
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
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