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July 10, 2020
Western Kentucky Program Designed for Those On the Autism Spectrum
Focus Magazine
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Final exams in mid-May were only a secondary challenge for graduate student David Merdian. The more telling test was spending almost two months alone in his campus apartment.

Merdian’s success in seclusion was built on five years developing skills in Western Kentucky University’s Kelly Autism Program (KAP). What he learned helped him stay on track. 

An Interview With Tony Jack
Kirk Carapezza, The Forum/Aspen 2020 Summer Interview Series
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In this podcast, author Anthony Abraham Jack discusses structural inequality in higher education and what schools can do differently to help disadvantaged students thrive.

He also addresses how the intersection of the pandemic, massive unemployment, and the murder of George Floyd and protests against police violence may affect campus life and culture.

Universities Scramble to Help International Students Stay in US After New Visa Restrictions
Marnette Federis, PRI
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New rules by the Trump administration have left international students with lingering questions about whether they will be able to complete their degrees or return to their lives in the United States.

It's also left universities and colleges scrambling to find ways to keep their students in the country.

‘We Need to Keep Speaking Out’: Racial Justice in Rural America
Martin Kuz, The Christian Science Monitor
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Demonstrations that began after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police have now spread beyond urban centers to outer suburbs and small towns in all 50 states. 

High school and college students, their academic pursuits slowed by the pandemic, are responsible for organizing many of the rural protests and injecting urgency into the cause. Their desire to promote racial justice in small towns—defying threats and derision from counterprotesters who they know as classmates, co-workers, and neighbors—reveals an audacity that experts in social movements predict could deliver historic change.

Texas Tech Tests the Waters for Fall Semester by Bringing 350 Students to Campus for Summer Classes
Raga Justin, The Texas Tribune
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Around 350 students and 30 faculty members returned to Texas Tech University this week, resuming in-person classes for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic closed the campus in March. 

As one of the first major universities in the state to reopen its doors to students during the pandemic, Texas Tech is a test of what a large-scale collegiate return could look like this fall.

UC San Diego Uncertain If Robust Testing Plan Will Be Enough to Welcome Students Back to Campus
Michael Burke, EdSource
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Led by infectious disease experts from its School of Medicine, the University of California San Diego has developed one of the nation’s most detailed plans to welcome some students back to its campus in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego.

But with virus cases rising across the state of California, administrators are unsure it will be enough.

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