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July 5, 2018
Want to Be Middle Class? Consider a 'Mid-Tech' Job
Irina Ivanova, CBS News
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Less than two years ago, Darc Boykin was working at the Uniqlo megastore on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. "I hated it," he says.

Now the 24-year-old spends his days developing JavaScript tools for an e-commerce company, tutors students in coding part time, and is close to buying an apartment.

Per Scholas. a nonprofit started in New York City, aims to broaden opportunities for individuals like Boykin via free training programs that help workers gain the information technology skills they need to secure solid middle-class jobs.

Stats Gathered in Advising Help Colleges Rethink Intro Courses
Michael Anft, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Data points from new software platforms are helping advisers work with students to keep them engaged and enrolled. But the information is also helping colleges revamp the courses those students take. 

New technologies from several companies churn out statistics on a student's grades, degree plan, and course schedule, but also on his or her financial situation, social background, and other matters discussed with an adviser. 

Middle Tennessee State University, for example, is using such data to help reshape several courses that serve as harbingers of a student’s future. The goal: get more students the required general-ed credits and retain them through graduation.
Grand Canyon U. Isn’t Just Becoming a Nonprofit. It’s Also Testing a Model That Could Change Higher Ed.
Goldie Blumenstyk, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Grand Canyon Education Inc.’s spinoff and conversion of Grand Canyon University into a nonprofit institution, which became official on Monday, hasn’t received nearly as much national attention as Purdue University’s purchase of Kaplan University. But there’s a lot about this $875-million deal that could be game-changing for higher education.

Leading in the Midst of Higher Ed Disruption: Experts Discuss Paths to Innovation
EdTech Times
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Higher education is in the midst of a major disruption. The average student is changing. Classrooms are moving online. So, how are today's colleges and universities adapting? Experts from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, Arkansas State University, Innosight, Huron, and BYU-Pathway Worldwide weigh in. 
Gov. Snyder Sets Up a Jobs Legacy
Ingrid Jacques, The Detroit News
Opinion: Let’s Fill the Jobs of Today and Get Ready for Tomorrow
Teresa Lubbers, Indianapolis Business Journal (Indiana)
HBCU Alum Promotes Diversity in Tech
Dominique Burns, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Rio Grande Valley Dubbed Newest ‘Talent Hub’
Danya Perez-Hernandez, The Monitor
The 85 Colleges That Only ACICS Would Accredit
Antoinette Flores, Center for American Progress
A Chance to MOVE Up
AACC 21st Century Center (Kansas)
LCCC Faced Critics on Path to Bachelor's Degree
Lisa Roberson, The Chronicle-Telegram
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