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June 5, 2020
Texas Colleges Expect Larger Online Summer Classes as Students Lose Jobs, Internships
Sami Sparber, The Texas Tribune
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College students suddenly finding more time on their hands with canceled jobs, internships, and trips abroad are flocking to online summer classes at Texas institutions en masse.

And schools, seeing an opportunity to court students stuck at home, are ramping up their summer offerings and discounting tuition.

As Parents Lose Jobs or Fall Ill, Teens Step In
Robert Klemko, The Washington Post
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In a world without COVID-19, Jael Marquez would be a junior walking the halls of Denver's Vista Academy. Instead, Marquez is a 40-hour-a-week worker who supports his family. He's not sure school will ever be a part of his future now. 

The pandemic has forced a growing portion of America's teenagers into full-time roles in essential businesses like food services, where required training is minimal. For many, plans of a post-high school education may become permanently shelved. 

The Plan for College Budgets Next Year? Improvise
Scott Carlson, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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In the drive to reopen campuses—in the fall? in the spring?—college leaders have to consider a dizzying array of challenges: how often to test, how to rejigger classrooms and residences, what technology to acquire for hybrid courses, and what kinds of protective gear professors and staff members need, among many others.

These challenges—all of which are moving targets—carry big implications for revenues and expenses.

Podcast: Inside Higher Ed’s News Editor on the COVID-19 Stories You Should Know
Carla Hickman, EAB
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Paul Fain of Inside Higher Ed describes his experience covering the pandemic as nothing short of “surfing a tsunami.”

On this podcast, Fain highlights the stories he thinks have been underreported, as well as the equity impact of COVID-19 disruptions on at-risk student populations.

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