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June 11, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
Southern California Student-Led Initiatives Show Promise for Colleges Grappling With Homelessness
Charlotte West, EdSource
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Though no one knows exactly how many college students are homeless, experts believe the problem has worsened as a result of ballooning college costs, inadequate financial aid, and growing enrollment among low-income students. As higher education institutions grapple to address the challenge, student-led initiatives in Southern California show promise of finding a resolution. 

At the Intersection of College and Community
Dennis Pierce, Community College Daily
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From the Austin Community College (ACC) District’s six-story central office building in the Highland neighborhood of Austin, Texas, college leaders had a good view of the nearby Highland Mall. When the once-active facility began to decline, the 81-acre property became an eyesore near the heart of the city.

By buying the property and converting the mall space into a new campus center, college leaders realized they could accomplish two significant goals at once: They would expand their presence in downtown Austin while breathing new life into the community.
From College Accreditor, a New Tool to Help Avoid Sudden Massachusetts College Closures
Deirdre Fernandes, The Boston Globe
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The New England Commission on Higher Education plans to launch a new early warning dashboard tool as a way to better gauge the financial health of colleges. 

All 72 private colleges and universities in Massachusetts, from Hampshire College to Harvard University, will participate in the one-year pilot. The effort is expected to launch in December. Two for-profit Massachusetts schools also will participate.
Jamie Merisotis
Change Agent: How Dan Porterfield Is Leading a Revolution for First-Generation Students
Richard Whitmire, The 74
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As in most movements, several people emerge as the key passionate leaders. In the movement to get more first-generation students to and through college, Dan Porterfield stands out as one of those individuals.

Porterfield first caught everyone’s attention on this issue at Georgetown University and then fleshed out a broader vision as president of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now, as the new president and CEO of the Aspen Institute, he is trying to engineer a full-blown revolution around changing the college access and success equation for first-generation students.

Why Education Leaders Should Learn From Goodwill
Brandon Busteed, The EvoLLLution
Blog: Ideas for the 2020 Horizon Report
Joshua Kim, Technology and Learning
Should Community Colleges Build Housing?
Felicia Mello, CALmatters
Better Schools Won’t Fix America
Nick Hanauer, The Atlantic
Blog: A Case of the Varsity Blues
Michael Patrick Rutter, Higher Ed Gamma
Study on Barriers for Student Internships
Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Inside Higher Ed
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