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March 12, 2020
Jamie Merisotis
Roots to Re-entry Project Provides Landscape Training to Formerly Incarcerated Men
Katti Gray, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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The prospect of boosting his landscaping company's bottom line was Erik Cooper’s initial reason for contracting to spruce up blighted, vacant lots in his hometown. But a decade spent participating in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Philadelphia LandCare program has delivered benefits beyond mere dollar signs. 

Equally gratifying is how LandCare’s Roots to Re-entry project lets Cooper employ and train formerly incarcerated people.

Jamie Merisotis
An Alternative Approach to Workforce Education
Jaimie Stevens, WorkingNation
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Traditional approaches to education are being reimagined as the demand for workers with skills that match the evolving workplace continues to go unmet.

In Michigan, Dow Chemical, Delta College, and Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works have joined forces to create the Fast Start Partnership. The effort is designed to teach participants the skills needed for career success with regional businesses. 

Jamie Merisotis
Go Home? For Some Students It's Not Easy
Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed
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As colleges and universities move to clear their campuses of students and offer courses online to minimize the risk of exposure to or spread of the coronavirus, many institutions have urged students to go home and remain there. But those efforts are raising concerns about students who can't just easily pick up and go or may not have an actual home to which to return.

For these students, the college campus is their sanctuary—and oftentimes their only access to food and shelter. 

Jamie Merisotis
Podcast: Preparing People for a Lifetime of Work
Ben Wildavsky and Anna Gatlin Schilling, Lessons Earned Podcast
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What can employers do to prepare today’s workers for the jobs of tomorrow? Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO of Futuro Health and a former leader in the California Community College system, offers insight about how employers, labor unions, and educators can work together to help workers learn what they need to get better jobs. 

Education is not a one-time inoculation to prepare people for a lifetime of work, Ton-Quinlivan says. Frequent booster shots are needed throughout our careers.

Community Colleges Work With Google to Offer Tech Training
Mikhail Zinshteyn, U.S. News & World Report
The Campus Closure Divide
Lilah Burke, Inside Higher Ed
Blog: Big Idea 1: The Velocity Foundation
Peter Smith, Rethinking Higher Education
Blog: What Katrina Taught Us About Online Delivery
Ray Schroeder, Online: Trending Now
Women Are Dreamers and DACA Recipients
Stephanie Gottesman, WBOI
Blog: Pell Grants for the Incarcerated: The Lafayette College Event
Gerard Robinson, American Enterprise Institute
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