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Lumina Foundation is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
May 20, 2020
Quarantine Campuses: With Dorms Shut and Class Online, Students DIY College Life
Laura Pappano, The Hechinger Report
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The disrupted spring term has offered many lessons to college leaders trying to plan for the fall. But one unheralded takeaway: The powerful role incidental and impromptu interactions play in the college experience—and how hard it is to replace them.

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Inside the Scramble for Students
Lee Gardner, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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Overnight, many of the most useful tools and tactics employed by college admissions officers were swept off the table because of the coronavirus. No more campus visits. No more widely shared and commonly observed deadlines. No more predictive models carefully calibrated using years of granular data to predict the size of the entering class in the fall. 

Admissions leaders explain how they are now reaching potential students in this volatile new environment. 

Stay-at-Home College? Campuses Focus on Finances, and Survival.
Laurent Belsie, The Christian Science Monitor
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Even before the pandemic arrived, colleges and universities in the United States were under stress from declining government support and rising skepticism about the value of a college degree. Now they face a perfect storm of economic downturn: less state support, financially needier students, and quite possibly a shrinking freshman class.

Class of 2020: College Grads on Launching Careers, Lives Amid the Pandemic
Grace Tatter and Meghna Chakrabarti, WBUR
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The class of 2020 is stepping out into an utterly transformed world. On this episode of On Point, recent college graduates talk about their hopes and fears as they try to launch their lives and careers. Plus, those who work with graduates offer advice on landing a job amid a pandemic. 

Video: How the Pandemic Could Transform Higher Ed
Alexander Hotz, The Wall Street Journal
Most Community Colleges Plan to Stay Virtual
Madeline St. Amour, Inside Higher Ed
Many Virginians Still Lack High-Speed Internet Access
Emily Holter and Matt Jones, Governing the States and Localities
Building a Strong Middle Class Through Career Pathways Programs
Laura Jimenez, Center for American Progress
Blog: CSPN Webinar: All About Apprenticeships for 529 Plans
Michael Prebil and Clare McCann, New America
Essay: Tuition Policy in a Pandemic
Robert J. Massa, Inside Higher Ed
Blog: Can College Be Saved in the COVID-19 Era?
John Kroger, Leadership in Higher Education
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