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November 15, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
One Trade School’s Path to Success
Brian Anderson, 10 Blocks Podcast
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Pennsylvania’s Williamson College of the Trades is no ordinary trade school. Students wake up early to the sound of reveille and attend academic classes in coats and ties. The school caters to low-income boys, offering a debt-free path to high-paying work—and the life skills to help them get there.

Kay Hymowitz, a William E. Simon Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, profiled Williamson College of the Trades in an essay earlier this year. She talks about the school and what makes it unique in this podcast. 

Jamie Merisotis
CMU Researchers Developing Tech to Help College Professors Be Better Teachers
Kathleen Davis, WESA
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College students have access to an abundance of data to track their progress in classes, from test scores to grades on projects and assignments. Professors, however, often have to rely on subjective evaluations once a year to get a sense of how they are doing.

A system developed by a Carnegie Mellon University team aims to give educators more data to work with so they can improve their teaching techniques.

Jamie Merisotis
Today's Students: Inspiration for Higher Education
Erica Hilton, Higher Learning Advocates
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Today’s college students represent a cross section of ages, income levels, and races. They’re more mobile and may not live on campus. Most participate in the workforce—and many combine their education with family responsibilities. 

Yet, today’s students are united in the promise and power of college degrees and other credentials beyond high school. The following students share their inspiration for attending college.

Jamie Merisotis
Aligning Community Colleges With Community Needs
Eric Richardson, The EvoLLLution
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Community and technical colleges represent a critical piece of reducing local unemployment and supporting the socioeconomic success of their communities. For some institutions, however, it’s a challenging process to update programming and content to ensure it keeps pace with the needs of local employers and key stakeholders. 

In this interview, CEO Eric Richardson shares his thoughts on bridging that gap.

Three Key Findings From a New Study on What Graduates Get Out of College
Beckie Supiano, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Opinion: How AT&T and Other Texas Corporations Are Addressing a Skills Gap
Fred Devereux and Dwight Powery, The Dallas Morning News
All Types of Colleges Face Student Hunger, Housing Issues
Matthew Dembicki, Community College Daily
Creating Pathways to Second Chances for Inmates
Kimberly Moore, The EvoLLLution
Racial Disparities in Student Loan Outcomes
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
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