Top stories in higher ed for Wednesday
Lumina Foundation is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
November 8, 2017
It's All in the Data
Mark Lieberman, Inside Higher Ed
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The University System of Maryland’s campuses boast diverse student bodies in terms of race, income and college preparedness. Officials believe new data collection standards will improve retention and graduation rates.

World-Renowned Futurist Michio Kaku: This Is What Higher Ed Should Be Teaching Students Right Now
Meris Stansbury, eCampus News
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Soft skills and ease with technologies are some of the most important competencies undergraduate students should be learning today for the workforce of the future.
Photo: Chip Somodevilla
How the GOP Tax Plan Could Hurt Graduate Students — and American Research
Eric Kelderman, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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The tax-reform plan unveiled last week by House Republicans would count tuition waivers as taxable income. If enacted, it could push some students past their financial breaking points.

Hoping to Get Haslam to Open Purse Strings, Higher Ed Officials Tout Their Successes
Emily Siner, Nashville Public Radio
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Governor Bill Haslam signed the Tennessee Promise bill in 2014. Now, colleges are touting the program's success during budget hearings.

Fifty-six percent of the first class of students who started the free community college program have either completed school or are still in the process of getting a degree. That's a significantly higher rate than their peers who were not part of Tennessee Promise.

Boosting Completion by Softening Standards?
Ashley A. Smith, Inside Higher Ed
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A nonpartisan watchdog group is questioning whether City Colleges of Chicago is misleading the public with proclamations of dramatic graduation rate increases.
Opinion: Re-Entry Employment for Incarcerated Works
Phil Blair, The San Diego Union-Tribune
Blog: Creating College Credit Policies That Validate Adult Learners
Iris Palmer, Education Commission of the States
Poverty Is Largely Invisible Among College Students
Sara Goldrick-Rab, Ph.D., TalkPoverty
Blog: Financial Aid for PLA?
Matt Reed, Confessions of a Community College Dean
Tax Bill ‘Simplification’ Is Code for Higher Education Cuts
Ben Miller, Center for American Progress
Blog: House GOP Trims Total of Colleges Targeted for New Endowment Tax
Nick Anderson and Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Grade Point
Study: Teacher Loan Forgiveness Helps With Retention in High-Need Areas
Allie Bidwell, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
The College Affordability Crisis in America
U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee 
Veterans Snapshot, 2017
American Enterprise Institute
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