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November 9, 2017
Podcast: Why Public Research Universities Are Struggling
Emily Richmond, Education Writers Association
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For some public universities, particularly in the Midwest, what was once a push for academic excellence is now more like a battle for survival. Jon Marcus of The Hechinger Report joins Emily Richmond of EWA Radio to discuss the ramifications of this new reality.

A Lack of Tuition Strategy
Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed
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Setting public tuition is an exceedingly complex process involving numerous power centers. It’s a process with many possible unintended consequences for students’ ability to pay for college. Yet it’s a process that’s not even close to being standardized from state to state.
Q&A: High School Dropout Researcher Asks: What’s Behind a Diploma?
Theresa Harrington, EdSource
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UC Santa Barbara Professor Emeritus Russell Rumberger has been researching high school dropouts for about 35 years, and he’s still got unanswered questions. Foremost among them: What's really behind the high school diploma—are students barely squeaking by or engaged in robust, meaningful learning experiences that prepare them for college?
How Competency-Based Education May Help Reduce Our Nation's Toughest Inequities
Lumina Foundation
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Competency-based education (CBE) can be used to educate, equip, and empower individuals who struggle in postsecondary learning programs because of who they are and where they live. This report offers practical ways for educational providers and employers to use CBE as a strategy for supporting and mobilizing some of the most underserved postsecondary learners.
Congress Urged to Invest in Blue-Collar STEM Jobs
Jamaal Abdul-Alim, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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In a convening on Capitol Hill this week, panelists told members of Congress that automation and other technological advancements threaten to put good-paying jobs further out of reach for marginalized groups unless more investments are made in preparing students for “Blue-Collar STEM” jobs. 

Higher Education Leaders Waiting to See What Gov. Burgum's Task Force Brings
Andrew Haffner, Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota)
Essay: Solving the Work Force’s Skills Gap
Kimberly Cassidy and Gina Siesing, Inside Higher Ed
Initiative Seeks to Overhaul Academic Advising
Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed
Blending High School and College Can Sharpen the Focus of Each
Joel Vargas, Sarah Hooker, and Carol Gerwin, Phi Delta Kappan
Registered Apprenticeship Challenges and Solutions
The National Network of Business and Industry Associations
The State Imperative: Aligning Tuition Policies With Strategies for Affordability
State Higher Education Executive Officers Association
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