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Lumina Foundation is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
October 16, 2020
Children From Immigrant Families Are Increasingly the Face of Higher Education
Miriam Jordan, The New York Times
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An extraordinary demographic shift is sweeping through U.S. university campuses as immigrants and children of immigrants become an ever-larger share of student bodies. This new reality spells implications for the future of the country’s workforce, higher education, and efforts to reduce racial and economic inequality.

Supporting Student Parents in Community College CalWORKs Programs
Public Policy Institute of California
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Many Californians face difficulties connecting to good jobs because of limited education. This is especially true for families who receive cash assistance from the state’s CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) program.

A new report examines the role California’s community colleges play in building skills and credentials to support the economic mobility of CalWORKs parents.

How Do You Create a More Diverse Teacher Force? Hire Your Own Graduates, Chicago Says.
Mila Koumpilova, Chalkbeat Chicago
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Chicago Public Schools is launching a new effort to create a more diverse workforce by steering students toward teaching careers in the district.

About half of the district’s educators are white, even though more than 80 percent of its students are Black or Latino. The district is partnering with City Colleges of Chicago and Illinois State University to offer scholarships, financial and career counseling, and eventually preferential hiring to district graduates.

Why Student Veterans Need to Be a Part of the Conversation
The EvoLLLution
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Many veterans who head back to school after leaving the military face unique challenges that come with being a student veteran. Oftentimes, their experiences are ignored and undervalued. Instead, institutions should see veterans as an asset to the college culture, say two professors and authors of a study on student veterans. 

In this interview, Katie Sullivan and Kay Yoon discuss what it means to become military-friendly—and how higher education leaders can focus more on these lifelong learners. 

Podcast: Anxiety and Isolation Among College Students
Paul Fain, The Key With Inside Higher Ed
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The COVID pandemic has changed the definition of college, and many students are feeling the repercussions with increased anxiety and mental health issues.

Elfred Anthony Pinkard, president of Wilberforce University, talks about how his students are coping with the pandemic, as well as the nation's racial reckoning. Dr. Alan Dennington, a chief medical officer at TimelyMD, joins the conversation with his perspective on the spike in demand for mental health counseling among students.

America’s Community Colleges: Time to Step Up
Bob Schwartz, Jobs for the Future
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The country is facing two major workforce crises—one immediate, the other longer-term—that America’s community and technical colleges are uniquely equipped to address.

In this op-ed, Robert Schwartz of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Jobs for the Future calls on community colleges to step up and address these challenges—and shares recommendations from a recent report on how they can do so.

The Great Pivot: John O’Brien on the Shifting Roles of Higher Ed IT
Lauren Glenn Manfuso, EdTech Magazine: Focus on Higher Education
Community College Enrollment Plummets
Ellie Ashford, Community College Daily
Virginia Jobs Program Expands to Help Underserved Communities
Diane Bernard, Virginia Public News Service
‘Lean Semesters’
Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed
How the ’60-Year Curriculum’ Impacts University Leaders
Chris Burt, University Business Magazine
Physician Education Debt and the Cost to Attend Medical School
Association of American Medical Colleges
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