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Lumina Foundation is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.
October 28, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
Obstacle Course
Steve Hendershot, Crain's Chicago Business
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Students at once-mired Chicago Public Schools (CPS) are graduating and heading to college at a record clip. After a decade of steady gains, research shows the results for CPS are now in line with peer school districts around the country and within arm's length of national averages.

But the same isn't true once the students reach college. Far too few make it through to graduation.

Jamie Merisotis
How a University Took on the Textbook Industry
Rebecca Koenig, EdSurge
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On the third floor of a bank building near Rice University, the future of higher education is being written. Or at least, edited.

Perched in lime green desk chairs, dozens of employees of OpenStax work here to transform physics, calculus, and psychology materials into digital textbooks that students can study at no cost.

Jamie Merisotis
When Campus Is a Computer Screen: How One Small School Found Financial Success Online
Carrie Jung, WBUR
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The Great Recession was hard for a lot of colleges. Simmons University in Boston was no exception.

"It was July 1, 2008. We didn’t have enough money and cash was practically at zero," recalls Helen Drinan of her first day as president.

Drinan needed to boost enrollment—and fast. High-quality online degree programs became the winning ticket.

Jamie Merisotis
The DACA Case Is About Basic Fairness—and the Country's Economic Future
Jamie Merisotis, The Hill
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Next month, the fate of nearly 800,000 people will be debated yet again when the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

When those arguments are heard, we’ll hear the parsing of federal statutes—more than 400 pages of briefs filed so far. But inside and outside the court, we’ll also hear the sound of a nation exploring its own identity.

Opinion: AI Is the Future, But Don’t Count Human Workers Out Yet
Katherine Newman, Boston Business Journal
Examples of Excelencia Recipients
Madeline St. Amour, Inside Higher Ed
Georgia State University Looks to Improve Faculty Diversity
Eric Stirgus, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
State Cuts to Higher Education Funding Shift the Burden to Students
Sara Weissman, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
NASA Offers Educational Program for Community College Students
Sarah Wood, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Blog: Community Colleges Open the Door to Selective Universities
Justin Ortagus and Xiaodan Hu, The Conversation
How a Company’s Aging Workforce Retrained Itself for the Cloud
Vanessa Fuhrmans, The Wall Street Journal
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