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September 9, 2020
Health Experts Warn Colleges Not to Send Students Home. But What If Quarantine Spaces Run Out?
Katherine Mangan, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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After summer months spent weighing conflicting views about whether to open their campuses to in-person learning, many colleges that decided they could do so have been overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. Now comes the next important decision: Hunker down, or send students home? Colleges are hearing arguments in favor of both.

Will the Coronavirus Change College Forever?
Sarah Leeson, WGBH News
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Universities around the country are scrambling to meet students' expectations of college life, while still providing safety in the middle of a pandemic. But if those competing needs sound impossible to manage, they may just be. 

Author Jeff Seligo discusses how the pandemic will impact the future of higher education on this episode of Innovation Hub. 

Community Colleges Can Be the Engine of Economic Recovery. But First, They Must Adapt
Matt Sigelman and Joe Fuller, The Hechinger Report
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Some 16.9 million Americans have been displaced from their jobs because of the pandemic and many of those positions aren’t coming back.

America’s 1,100 community colleges represent an obvious infrastructure for reskilling and upskilling a workforce that must be reinvented at scale for a new economy. Yet, for community colleges to live up to their promise, they need to shift their focus.

Podcast: Latino Student Success and How to Close Equity Gaps
Paul Fain, The Key With Inside Higher Ed
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Amid growing evidence that the pandemic and recession are worsening equity gaps, Excelencia in Education last month released an analysis on Latino representation in higher education, as well as on degree attainment and completion rates.

Excelencia's Deborah Santiago talks about the report's findings—plus what some institutions are doing right with Latino students and where opportunities exist for colleges to do better.

Who Leads Colleges After COVID-19?
Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed
Success for Student Parents
AACC 21st Century Center
Webinar: Equity First: Achieving Racial Justice in Massachusetts Public Higher Education
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and Lumina Foundation 
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