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September 14, 2018
Report: Guided Pathways Are Working in Tennessee’s Community Colleges
Tiffany Pennamon, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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A new report on a comprehensive guided pathways model implemented by 13 community colleges in Tennessee says it is helping the state's students earn more credits, pass key courses, and move toward on-time graduation. 
Teaming Up to Get Workers Ready for Technology of the Future
Ellen Rosen, The New York Times
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Shawn Reese is the perfect example of the complicated route that can lie ahead for workers of the future—but also for the opportunities that are emerging.

As technological developments move at a rapid-fire pace, colleges and universities are partnering with businesses like never before to train and retrain individuals like Reese for an aspiring workforce. 

A Second Chance Through Pell
American Association of Community Colleges
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Incarcerated individuals have lower educational attainment than the general population, but education plays an important part in their re-entry into society. Prison education has shown to increase the likelihood of employment upon release and reduce recidivism. 

Last fall, a federal pilot program provided nearly 5,000 incarcerated individuals with Pell grants so that they could enroll in postsecondary education prior to their release from prison.

One Solution for Boosting Latino Graduation Rates
Delece Smith-Barrow, The Hechinger Report
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The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning and Excelencia in Education are joining forces to increase the number of older, Latino student graduates.

Called the Adult Learner 360 Academy for HSIs, the three-year project will assist 15 Hispanic-serving institutions. The colleges will use a diagnostic tool from the council that collects feedback from students, faculty and staff, and identifies where schools can improve their resources for adult learners. The council also will provide professional development for the participants’ staff members, as well as research that the schools can consult as they change their learning environments.
Women of Color in STEM
Doug Lederman, Academic Minute
Opinion: Closing the Skills Gap Is Bipartisan Affair
Jim Langevin and Glenn Thompson, The Providence Journal
ROTC Programs Bring Access to Education and Careers for HBCU Students
Tiffany Pennamon, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
New Promise Encourages LCS Students to Attend Local Colleges
Liz Ramos, Lynchburg News and Advance
Opinion: Career Prep Summit Can Boost Workforce
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal
Opinion: Education Is Not Preparing Students for a Fast-Changing World
Ann Kirschner and Dana Born, The Boston Globe
Bucking the 'Prestige Pricing' Trend
Marjorie Valbrun, Inside Higher Ed
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