David S. Powell
Senior Editor and Writer

David S. Powell

Dave Powell is the senior editor and writer at Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation in Indianapolis that is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. In his role, Powell plans, edits and supervises the production of all Lumina Foundation publications, collateral, and other printed material; he helps create content for Lumina’s online publications and aids in the creation of speeches and presentations for the foundation’s executives.

In addition, he works with all members of the communications staff and with numerous outside contractors to plan and implement strategic communication efforts at Lumina.

Prior to joining the foundation at its formation in 2000, Powell worked 22 years at The Indianapolis Star, serving in various writing, editing and supervisory roles.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio State University, a master’s in English from Butler University, and a graduate certificate in nonprofit management from Indiana University.