Future of Student Needs


What Skills Will We Need in the Future?

Skill mastery is challenging because it’s a moving target. “The Future of Student Needs: 2025 and Beyond” team found lots and lots of list of future skills. It makes sense – rapidly changing work and jobs leads to rapidly changing demands for certain skillsets. But it can be confusing in terms of “what should I be good at?” We decided the core need was not necessarily preparing for this or that proposed set of skills, but rather it was being capable of re-skilling on a regular basis. The core skill is reskilling. 

Of course it is still important to keep our eyes on what new skills are emerging. And there is an important point to be made about the changing nature of skill requirements for students: they go beyond a narrow description of learning and fit more closely with life skills. For instance, we identified bartering, citizenship, hacking, making, and personal branding among the many future skills we identified. We asked the team to pick some favorites…more will be revealed: 

  • Social Intelligence: Relationships will drive the work.
  • Collaborative: Virtual collaboration is a virtual must. Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
  • Cross-cultural: It’s a global world and we need to understand it.
  • Foresight: We need to look 5, 10, 25, 100 years ahead.
  • Transdisciplinary: All systems interact with each other. We can’t do just one thing.
  • Adaptive Thinking: Everything is changing so fast; your thinking needs to change with it.
  • Design Thinking: You can’t outsource or automate creativity.