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Focus Magazine, Winter 2019: Credentials that work

Today’s students use certificates, certifications to build bright futures

December 5, 2019

This issue of Focus magazine shines a spotlight on non-degree, workforce-relevant programs in three different states (Minnesota, Michigan, and Kentucky). The programs prepare adults for good careers in all types of fields, including construction, advanced manufacturing, health care, computer technology, and plastics engineering.

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Focus Magazine, Fall 2019: A Dangerous Divide

Rural students face a growing gap in college-level learning

September 20, 2019

Here’s a surprising fact: Students from America’s rural communities graduate from high school at rates higher than the national average. Fully 80 percent of them finish 12th grade, just a shade below the 81 percent who graduate from more prosperous suburban schools. Making up about 14 percent of the school-age population, rural students also score better on the National Assessment of Educational Progress than do students in cities. Making up about 14 percent of the school-age population, rural students also score better on the National Assessment of Educational Progress than do students in cities. And then something goes wrong.

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Focus Magazine, Summer 2019: Cutting-edge-ucators

Dedicated disrupters find innovative ways to offer college-level learning

March 29, 2019

America’s most agile, innovative, and entrepreneurial minds are working to redefine “college” and create new ways to deliver vital learning to millions more Americans. This issue of Focus magazine will introduce you to just a few of these educational innovators.

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Focus Magazine, Winter 2018: Dream teams

Local collaboration key as cities work to realize a talent-building vision

November 14, 2018

The cities and towns boosting attainment among their residents are places that we at Lumina Foundation call Talent Hubs. This issue of Focus magazine takes an up-close look at 3 exemplary hubs that demonstrate strong local partnerships and an unwavering commitment to achieving racial and economic justice: Detroit, Elkhart County, Ind., and Mobile, Ala.

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Focus Magazine, Fall 2018: Student aid ... remade

Committed colleges take a wraparound approach to ensure student success

September 19, 2018

Many colleges and universities are providing a support network that meets students’ individual, real-life needs, and doing it well. This issue of Focus magazine takes you to a few of those committed campuses aligning with the principles laid out in Beyond Financial Aid, a recently updated report that serves as a blueprint for institutions and systems dedicated to ensuring the success of students from low-income families.

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Focus magazine, Spring 2018: Investing wisely

Exemplary employers reap real returns by developing workers’ talent

April 11, 2018

A growing number of America’s companies recognize the immense value inherent in the talent of their employees, they’re working actively and creatively to foster that talent.

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Focus magazine, Winter 2018: Not tardy ... timely!

Today’s 'freshmen' are rewriting the rules on the college experience

January 2, 2018

Meet more of today's students — seven members of America’s “new freshman class” – individuals from all walks of life, who are seeking or have recently earned their first credential after high school.

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Focus magazine, Summer 2017: Real-life learning

Competency-based programs are helping redefine the postsecondary landscape

September 1, 2017

Summer 2017 issue of Focus shines a light on postsecondary institutions that are going all-in on designing programs that are fully competency-based from the ground up. The stories in this issue shows how powerful such an approach can be, especially for students from varied backgrounds and with a wide array of learning needs.

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Focus magazine, Fall 2016: Unlocking lives

Postsecondary programs go behind prison walls to forge new futures

December 6, 2016

Today, more than ever, successful second chances depend on high-quality postsecondary education. And that’s what this issue of Lumina Foundation Focus is about. It goes behind the walls of the nation’s correctional facilities to examine postsecondary programs that serve the people who need those programs most.

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Focus magazine, Spring 2016: YOUNG. BLACK. EXEMPLARY.

African-American males who defy the odds – and stereotypes – on today’s campuses

May 2, 2016

This issue of Lumina Foundation Focus looks closely at real-life success stories of three African-American males: Evan Snelling, Kevin Lee and Terrance Range.

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