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Focus magazine, Winter 2018: Not tardy ... timely!

Today’s 'freshmen' are rewriting the rules on the college experience

Posted: January 2, 2018
Authors: Doug Richardson

Winter 2018 issue of Focus magazine introduces the new face of the freshman class – a diverse and driven group, with goals forged in hard times and odd jobs, false starts and course corrections. They’ve raised children, waited tables, landscaped yards, cleaned restaurant carpets at 2 a.m., maintained Army helicopters in the desert heat. They’re adults now – and students, too, because they’ve learned, often the hard way, that a high school diploma isn’t enough.

Meet seven of these students — members of America’s “new freshman class.” They’re individuals from all walks of life, who are seeking or have recently earned their first credential after high school.

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Focus magazine, Winter 2018: Not tardy ... timely!