GRANT #2302-1115956
AMOUNT $500,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 31-12-2023
To support financial technology that makes it easier to navigate the complex landscape of student loan forgiveness and repayment
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Creative Communications, Inc.
GRANT #2401-1116790
AMOUNT $375,000.00
LOCATION Boulder, Colorado
DATE RANGE 03/1/2024 through 02/28/2026
To support public interest journalism and higher education coverage in Indiana and other states.
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Equivolve Consulting
GRANT #2401-1116756
AMOUNT $100,000.00
LOCATION Baltimore, Maryland
DATE RANGE 02/27/2024 through 03/3/2025
To evaluate and share learning from the HBCC/PBCC initiative
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Well Done Marketing
GRANT #2401-1116755
AMOUNT $102,900.00
LOCATION Indianapolis, Indiana
DATE RANGE 02/27/2024 through 12/31/2024
To map the postsecondary audience journey from initial contact to action.
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Wazoku Inc.
GRANT #2401-1116743
AMOUNT $150,000.00
LOCATION Dover, Delaware
DATE RANGE 02/27/2024 through 02/24/2025
To further advance our thinking using open innovation and crowdsourcing challenges
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LB Strategic Advisory, LLC
GRANT #2401-1116761
AMOUNT $30,000.00
LOCATION Columbus, Ohio
DATE RANGE 02/21/2024 through 06/20/2024
To investigate workforce training ecosystem capacity in five regions, in response to federal investments and scaling of semiconductor industry.
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Illinois Board of Higher Education
GRANT #2311-1116696
AMOUNT $750,000.00
LOCATION Springfield, Illinois
DATE RANGE 02/20/2024 through 11/21/2025
To implement direct admissions statewide in Illinois for community college transfer students and high school seniors, using the Common App
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Louisiana Board of Regents
GRANT #2311-1116702
AMOUNT $300,000.00
LOCATION Baton Rouge, Louisiana
DATE RANGE 02/20/2024 through 06/30/2025
To plan for automated admissions for Louisiana's universal transfer pathway students and high school seniors
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Council on Postsecondary Education
GRANT #2311-1116694
AMOUNT $100,000.00
LOCATION Frankfort, Kentucky
DATE RANGE 02/20/2024 through 02/21/2025
To plan for the alignment of existing initiatives toward a simplified admissions process for Kentucky students
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Texas Higher Education Foundation
GRANT #2311-1116697
AMOUNT $250,000.00
LOCATION Austin, Texas
DATE RANGE 02/20/2024 through 02/21/2025
To develop direct admissions pathways for Texas students using the state's official college & career readiness platform
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Climate Democracy Initiative
GRANT #2311-1116680
AMOUNT $85,000.00
LOCATION Denver, Colorado
DATE RANGE 02/15/2024 through 12/1/2024
To support the design of a program connecting students and faculty at Colorado colleges with high schools and local leaders in rural communities in service of democracy and climate education
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Foundation for California Community Colleges
GRANT #2312-1116717
AMOUNT $200,000.00
LOCATION Sacramento, California
DATE RANGE 02/12/2024 through 02/28/2025
To support the California Education Learning Lab to develop a novel statewide, intersegmental professional learning cooperative serving California's public higher education institutions.
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The RP Group
GRANT #2312-1116716
AMOUNT $20,000.00
LOCATION San Rafael, California
DATE RANGE 02/5/2024 through 09/23/2024
To further disseminate the research coming out from the African American Tipping Point Research
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John N. Gardner Institute
GRANT #2308-1116474
AMOUNT $670,000.00
LOCATION Brevard, North Carolina
DATE RANGE 02/5/2024 through 08/1/2025
To work with Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education institutions to create and implement five-year plans that transform the foundational postsecondary experience.
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