Grants Database
Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research & Planning
GRANT #2002-1111636
AMOUNT $185,300.00
LOCATION Bloomington, Ind.
DATE RANGE 06/01/2020 through 06/01/2020
To to extend and deepen the HIP Quality Project work with three activities.
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Montana University System
GRANT #1910-1110981
AMOUNT $200,000.00
LOCATION Helena, Mont.
DATE RANGE 02/01/2020 through 01/31/2022
To define quality indicators and develop system data infrastructure that will help improve student outcomes
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Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
GRANT #1910-1111025
AMOUNT $200,000.00
LOCATION Frankfort, Ky.
DATE RANGE 01/15/2020 through 01/15/2020
To extend quality assurance work with a new employability audit for programs and enhanced integration of employment and earnings data.
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Minnesota State
GRANT #1907-1110574
AMOUNT $150,000.00
LOCATION St. Paul, Minn.
DATE RANGE 01/06/2020 through 01/05/2021
To develop a state-wide quality assurance and program review process.
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American Council on Education
GRANT #1910-1110977
AMOUNT $50,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 12/01/2019 through 11/30/2020
To support a Lumina Quality and Equity Fellow within the ACE Fellows Program.
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Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
GRANT #1909-1110835
AMOUNT $350,000.00
LOCATION Hartford, Conn.
DATE RANGE 12/01/2019 through 11/30/2021
To pilot a new approach to program review
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Operation Restoration
GRANT #1908-1110666
AMOUNT $200,000.00
LOCATION New Orleans, La.
DATE RANGE 11/01/2019 through 11/30/2020
To elevate incarcerated learner voices in federal policy and advance a quality agenda
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South Dakota Board of Technical Education
GRANT #1908-1110704
AMOUNT $100,000.00
DATE RANGE 11/01/2019 through 10/31/2020
To develop a quality framework and adopt aligned program approval and review policies
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Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Foundation
GRANT #1908-1110672
AMOUNT $390,000.00
LOCATION Harrisburg, Pa.
DATE RANGE 11/01/2019 through 11/01/2019
To support the Pennsylvania State System's adoption of a new quality assurance framework to drive student attainment, institutional financial health, and equity outcomes
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American Indian College Fund
GRANT #1907-1110517
AMOUNT $650,000.00
LOCATION Denver, Colo.
DATE RANGE 11/01/2019 through 11/01/2019
To support tribal colleges and universities to operationalize high-quality credential criteria and explore affordability for Native American borrowers.
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