Grants Database
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Inc.
GRANT #2004-1111874
AMOUNT $750,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 07/01/2020 through 07/01/2020
To produce research and inform a policy agenda for Black America around the future of work and learning.
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Roadtrip Nation
GRANT #2004-1111825
AMOUNT $125,000.00
LOCATION Costa Mesa, Calif.
DATE RANGE 06/30/2020 through 06/30/2020
To further promote and air "Rerouting," a highly successful Roadtrip Nation documentary about adult learners.
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Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
GRANT #2002-1111605
AMOUNT $700,000.00
LOCATION Boston, Mass.
DATE RANGE 06/29/2020 through 06/29/2020
To support aligned efforts across postsecondary institutions, communities and the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, advancing equitable postsecondary outcomes.
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American Association of Community Colleges
GRANT #2005-1112087
AMOUNT $300,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 06/15/2020 through 06/15/2020
To help states and community colleges develop a national network to reskill the workforce in post-COVID-19 economic recovery
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National Coalition of Certification Centers
GRANT #2002-1111563
AMOUNT $435,000.00
LOCATION Pleasant Prarie, Wisonsin
DATE RANGE 06/01/2020 through 06/01/2020
To develop a model for expanding NC3 Centers of Excellence to increase number of individuals who hold a quality credential
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Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research & Planning
GRANT #2002-1111636
AMOUNT $185,300.00
LOCATION Bloomington, Ind.
DATE RANGE 06/01/2020 through 06/01/2020
To to extend and deepen the HIP Quality Project work with three activities.
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American Ditchley Foundation
GRANT #2003-1111747
AMOUNT $320,000.00
DATE RANGE 05/05/2020 through 05/05/2020
To promote transatlantic partnership on lifelong learning, climate change, and democratic renewal
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United Negro College Fund
GRANT #2003-1111655
AMOUNT $350,000.00
LOCATION Fairfax, Va.
DATE RANGE 05/01/2020 through 05/01/2020
To explore outcomes for Black student loan borrowers at HBCUs and other institutional types
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Education Strategy Group
GRANT #2002-1111560
AMOUNT $275,000.00
LOCATION Chevy Chase, Md.
DATE RANGE 05/01/2020 through 05/01/2020
To identify, incentivize, and increase attainment of nondegree credentials of value through state policy and practice
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Public Radio Exchange
GRANT #2003-1111793
AMOUNT $200,000.00
LOCATION Minneapolis, Minn.
DATE RANGE 05/01/2020 through 05/01/2020
To support coverage of immigrants seeking education and training after high school.
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