Grants Database
Equal Measure
GRANT #1911-1111093
AMOUNT $125,000.00
LOCATION Philadelphia, Pa.
DATE RANGE 12/02/2019 through 12/02/2019
To continue the evaluation of Talent Hubs
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Civic, LLC
GRANT #1910-1110915
AMOUNT $100,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 12/01/2019 through 12/01/2019
To support research on the educational experiences and attainment of Immigrants and Native American students.
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Ithaka S+R
GRANT #1909-1110861
AMOUNT $75,000.00
DATE RANGE 11/25/2019 through 11/24/2020
To explore new solutions to addressing student institutional debt and "stranded credits"
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Change Matrix, LLC
GRANT #1909-1110885
AMOUNT $20,000.00
LOCATION Las Vegas, Nev.
DATE RANGE 11/18/2019 through 09/17/2020
To support the Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity program.
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Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation
GRANT #1908-1110605
AMOUNT $100,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 11/01/2019 through 11/01/2019
To develop case studies and other guidance on Opportunity Zone strategies for postsecondary institutions
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Education Design Lab
GRANT #1908-1110637
AMOUNT $50,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 10/23/2019 through 10/23/2019
To support the implementation and outcome evaluative research of 21st Century Skills digital credentials
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National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
GRANT #1908-1110658
AMOUNT $225,000.00
LOCATION Boulder, Colo.
DATE RANGE 10/16/2019 through 10/16/2019
To conduct evaluative research on the implementation of the Data for the American Dream initiative
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The Center to Advance CTE
GRANT #1906-1110379
AMOUNT $250,000.00
LOCATION Silver Springs, Md.
DATE RANGE 09/23/2019 through 09/23/2019
To study the value of Area Technical Centers in supporting statewide attainment goals
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Center for American Progress
GRANT #1905-1110304
AMOUNT $440,000.00
LOCATION Washington, D.C.
DATE RANGE 08/01/2019 through 07/31/2021
To support research, policy analysis and nonpartisan advocacy in support of efforts to increase postsecondary attainment and quality, especially among low-income and adult students.
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The Conversation US
GRANT #1904-1110119
AMOUNT $350,000.00
LOCATION Boston, Mass.
DATE RANGE 08/01/2019 through 07/31/2021
To position higher education researchers to share their expertise related to increasing attainment with mainstream audiences.
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