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How Competency-Based Education May Help Reduce Our Nation’s Toughest Inequities

November 8, 2017

This paper considers how CBE can be used to educate, equip, and empower learners who struggle in postsecondary learning programs because of who they are and where they live. Recommended starting points — places and programs — are provided throughout the paper to highlight where and how CBE providers can prioritize equity.

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Focus magazine, Summer 2017: Real-life learning

Competency-based programs are helping redefine the postsecondary landscape

September 1, 2017

Summer 2017 issue of Focus shines a light on postsecondary institutions that are going all-in on designing programs that are fully competency-based from the ground up. The stories in this issue shows how powerful such an approach can be, especially for students from varied backgrounds and with a wide array of learning needs.

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Quality Principles and Standards for Competency-Based Education Programs

May 2, 2017

These principles and standards were developed in response to a growing need for definitions of quality as it relates to competency-based education. They can provide guideposts and assurances to policymakers and accreditors tasked with regulating this vibrant, and still emerging, field of practice.

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Competency-Based Education

A Study of Four New Models and Their Implications for Bending the Higher Education Cost Curve

October 11, 2016

A report from rpkGROUP proposes that competency-based education has the potential to produce significant cost savings for colleges and students alike, while also offering students faster pathways to demonstrate content mastery. At the same time, the report emphasizes that the advantages of CBE require “patient capital,” as the time to reach the point where annual revenues at least equal operating expenses may take five years or more.

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Next-Generation CBE

Designing Competency-Based Education for Underprepared College Learners

July 25, 2016

Competency-based education could be an important piece of the national movement to increase educational access, equity, and credential attainment, suggests this report from Jobs for the Future. The study is the first in a series that examines the question of how to adapt CBE for adults who need to boost basic skills in order to succeed in college coursework.

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Deconstructing CBE

An Assessment of Institutional Activity, Goals, and Challenges in Higher Education

July 12, 2016

U.S. colleges and universities are inspired by the potential of competency-based education (CBE)—a method to enhance the rigor and transparency of student outcomes—yet the actual pace of implementation for CBE courses and programs remains gradual, according to this report from Ellucian.

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Innovate and Evaluate

Expanding the Research Base for Competency-Based Education

June 15, 2016

The benefits of expanding access to competency-based education (CBE) could be substantial, contends this paper from the American Enterprise Institute. But what does existing research suggest about the likely effect of reforms to promote CBE? The study attempts to provide answers, as well as insight on the questions that remain, with an analysis of 380 studies of postsecondary CBE and prior-learning assessment listed in the Department of Education’s Education Resources Information Center database.

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Expanding Competency-Based Education for All Learners

February 3, 2016

A new brief from Jobs for the Future explores the potential of competency-based education to meet the needs of underprepared adult learners who might benefit from a faster route to college completion.

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The CBE Ecosystem Framework

December 23, 2015

This report from Public Agenda offers insight of what competency-based education looks like from the perspectives of learners, higher education professionals, policymakers, and others.

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Focus magazine, Fall 2015: Tomorrow's transcript

Effort to reform student records puts learning at the core

December 14, 2015

This issue of Lumina Foundation Focus explores efforts to transform the static student transcript into a more dynamic, inclusive and useful record of student achievement. Higher education reporter Steve Giegerich talks with registrars, faculty members, administrators and students at institutions that are tackling the transcript-reform challenge head-on, including the University of Houston- Downtown (UHD) and Quinsigamond Community College near Boston.

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