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Focus magazine, Fall 2016: Unlocking lives

Postsecondary programs go behind prison walls to forge new futures

December 6, 2016

Today, more than ever, successful second chances depend on high-quality postsecondary education. And that’s what this issue of Lumina Foundation Focus is about. It goes behind the walls of the nation’s correctional facilities to examine postsecondary programs that serve the people who need those programs most.

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Strengthening Policies for Foster Youth Postsecondary Attainment

October 24, 2016

Foster youth continue to face unique challenges in their pursuit of a postsecondary credential because of entangled policy initiatives and an inconsistent spectrum of support, contends this report from the Education Commission of the States. Of the 415,000 youth in foster care, 46 percent will earn a high school diploma and less than 3 percent will obtain a bachelor’s degree, the report states.

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Black-White Disparity in Student Loan DebtBlack-white disparity in student loan debt more than triples after graduation

October 20, 2016

Black college graduates owe $7,400 more on average than their White peers ($23,400 versus $16,000, including non-borrowers in the averages), says this paper from the Brookings Institution. Over the next few years, the Black-White debt gap more than triples to $25,000, the paper suggests.

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Closed Doors

Black and Latino Students Are Excluded from Top Public Universities

October 7, 2016

Black and Latino students are underrepresented in the country’s most selective public research universities, according to a report from the Center for American Progress. As many as 193,000 Black and Latino students would have enrolled in these institutions in 2014 had student representation been proportional, the report states. As a result, the report says minority students in nearly every state are significantly overrepresented at less-selective public four-year colleges, as well as at community colleges, compared with their White and Asian peers.

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Serving the Equity Imperative

Intentional Action Toward Greater Student Success

July 13, 2016

A policy brief from the State Higher Education Executive Officers and Complete College America reviews data from 30 states to look at student success across race and ethnicity categories through the postsecondary education pipeline. The report includes strategies for boosting success and closing achievement gaps.

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Indicators of Equity 2016

2016 Historical Trend Report

April 13, 2016

A report by The Pell Institute and the University of Pennsylvania’s Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy examines trends in U.S. postsecondary enrollment by family income, race/ethnicity and family socioeconomic status.

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African Americans

College Majors and Earnings

February 4, 2016

More African Americans are going to college, but they are overrepresented in majors that lead to low-paying jobs, says this report from the Center on Education and the Workforce. The report shows 6 percent of African Americans with a bachelor's degree majored in pharmacy and 5 percent chose architecture and engineering—two majors that lead to some of the highest earnings. By comparison, 20 percent of African Americans majored in human services and community organization and 12 percent majored in psychology and social work, areas with some of the lowest earnings.

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HSIs at a Glance 2014-2015

Summary of the 2014-15 HSI List

January 20, 2016

Excelencia in Education provides a wealth of historical information, statistics, and current trends on Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) in this new report.

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True Merit

Ensuring Our Brightest Students Have Access to Our Best Colleges and Universities

January 8, 2016

America’s top colleges and universities would be better off instituting an admissions preference for low-income students because such students—even when they are high-achievers academically—now face unjustified barriers and make up just 3 percent of enrollment at the elite schools, according to this report from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

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Rising Tide

Do College Grad Rate Gains Benefit All Students?

December 1, 2015

What institutions do—how they dedicate resources and support students—matters, states a new report from The Education Trust. The study highlights institutions that are achieving twin goals of increasing overall graduation rates while closing gaps through intentional efforts to help underrepresented students arrive, transition, and thrive in college.

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