Future of Student Needs

Working in 2025

We are on the cusp of something new when it comes to work! As we speak, a revolution  is taking place–one that will shape the job market for years to come. The last time such a shift happened was when people moved from their farms and homes to the big cities to work in factories using newly mechanized production methods.

Now things are changing again:

  • Tomorrow’s automation presents both threat and opportunity as the work requiring humans and that requiring microchips are renegotiated.
  • There is an emergence of a whole new type of flexibility and creativity to tailor your own work experience to your lifestyle.
  • Increasing interconnectedness opens up wonderful opportunities for innovative projects and relationships.
  • Employers no longer need workers who merely qualify; they are increasingly interested in a whole set of non-academic skills.
  • Due to specialization, many jobs now also provide on-the-job training.

How Work will Work

In the light of these coming changes, it is important to realize that your current studies and experiences will either land you a well-paying job, a struggling middle-class career, or employment as an underpaid warm body. Much of this depends on the skills you obtain today!

Tomorrow will demand much more from you than academic certification. Hard skills and soft skills are needed – academic knowledge as well as the ability to interpret and innovate creatively.

In a world that demands "stronger, faster and smarter," finding the right job and acquiring the right skills might feel like trying to hit a moving target!

What if a degree is not the only thing you need in a competitive job market highly affected by AI and automation? What if your ability to adapt is just as important as your skills?