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I’m Asian-American, but hate affects everyone eventually, so let’s fix our problems together

Tracy Chen  | 
Attacks on Asian-Americans have surged in the past year, one incident after another, until a man with a gun opened fire in an eight-victim shooting spree that only ended when police rammed the suspect’s car off the highway. Most of the victims were mothers, sisters, wives – but above all, fatall
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Audio: Go beyond the ‘hot-buttons’ around immigration, Jamie Merisotis says

Tracy Chen  | 
The United States needs millions more qualified people to fill open jobs, and immigration is a vital part of filling that gap, Jamie Merisotis says.
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Education innovation prize winners recall early struggles

Tracy Chen  | 
A college provost whose innovative program for helping students succeed won the judges’ award in a Lumina Impact Ventures contest said she’s been inspired by her early teaching experience at Miami Dade College.
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Pitching for change: Early-stage companies seek social impact, investors

Tracy Chen  | 
More than a dozen early-stage companies met with potential investors, pitching their products in a “Demo Day” of new ideas and services to advance educational attainment.
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“Road-tripper” says future of work is scary but promising

Tracy Chen  | 
College students and others trying to plan their lives and careers face a range of choices but should be guided by their passion, members of a group pondering the future of work say.

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