Our Work

Our Work

Lumina Foundation is an independent, private foundation committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with degrees, certificates and other high-quality credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Lumina’s outcomes-based approach focuses on helping to design and build an equitable, accessible, responsive and accountable higher education system while fostering a national sense of urgency for action to achieve Goal 2025.



The higher education landscape is rapidly evolving, but student needs are not always what's driving this change.

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Lumina joins #TalentTuesday to support a comprehensive, cross-sector, all-hands-on-deck approach to talent development.

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Who Are Today's Students?

Too many Americans are failing to graduate college. Why? In part, because our assumptions about them are wrong.

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News & Views

Talent + transit = access to opportunity

Jul 16, 2016

An Indianapolis Business Journal op-ed from Lumina President Jamie Merisotis says cultivating talent is only half the battle for any city looking to grow its workforce and benefit its citizens. Access...

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Companies Should Invest in Employees’ Higher Education

Jul 13, 2016

What if an organization could prove that tuition reimbursement would yield more than 100 percent of a company’s investment? Cigna Corp. can, and the company believes its success could spark...

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College Kids, With Kids

Jul 05, 2016

IN the last year or so, dozens of employers — from the Navy to Goldman Sachs — have begun offering or expanding benefits like paid family leave and job-sharing that...

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What I told the DNC Platform Committee About College Affordability

Jun 23, 2016

Last week, I testified before the DNC Platform Committee hearing about higher education and college affordability. Here's what I said…

Read Zakiya's post at LinkedIn.com

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Three reasons employers should invest in talent

Jun 14, 2016

Of the myriad ways employers can make an impact – on their bottom lines and on society – providing financial support for workers to earn an education beyond high school...

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Testimony of Zakiya Smith before DNC platform committee

Jun 08, 2016

Education, employment, and good jobs are interconnected issues that are front of mind for many Americans these days. Today some sort of postsecondary education is basically a prerequisite to a...

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More About Lumina Foundation

Our Mission and How to Get Involved

What You Can Do

Every American has a role in helping us reach Goal 2025, and we all benefit when we get there. Everyone–from employers to instructors to families–has clear steps to take. And no matter how small, each step toward the goal is essential. Find out how you can contribute to building a stronger nation through higher education.

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What Needs to be Redesigned

Lumina's priority is to fundamentally rethink how higher education is delivered, and what outcomes can be expected from postsecondary completion. Lumina Foundation is leading a national conversation about the disruptive innovations helping to design and build a 21st century system that meets the needs of all students.

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Facts & Figures

Read some key facts on how we can increase levels of educational attainment equitably, through the use of quality data to improve student performance, identify problems, measure progress toward the goal and inform policy and decision making at all levels.

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