Focus Magazine Spring 2016: YOUNG. BLACK. EXEMPLARY.

Focus Magazine Spring 2016: YOUNG. BLACK. EXEMPLARY.

African-American males who defy the odds – and stereotypes – on today’s campuses

Posted: May 2, 2016
Author(s): Jamal E. Watson
Organization(s): Lumina Foundation
My Brother’s Keeper Alliance

This issue of Lumina Foundation Focus looks closely at real-life success stories of three African-American males:

  • Evan Snelling, a high school basketball star who saw his Division I dreams shattered by injury, and then rebounded to find an even more satisfying role as a mentor to other young black males at Georgia Highlands College.
  • Kevin Lee, a 22-year-old who’s compiled a stellar academic record at Paul Quinn College in Dallas — and earned national accolades for his entrepreneurial skills — despite the fact that he’s homeless.
  • Terrance Range — who, in his teens and early 20s was an admittedly unfocused student interested only in “wildin’ out” — but is now a dedicated scholar, a second-year doctoral student at Michigan State University with plans to become a college president.

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