Proposal for protecting students and borrowers of color
Federal Policy

Proposal for protecting students and borrowers of color

A letter from Lumina's Federal Policy team in response to a request from U.S. Senators

Posted: Feb. 15, 2019
Author(s): Jesse O’Connell, Terri Taylor, Katherine Wheatle, Wayne Taliaferro
Organization(s): Lumina Foundation

Actions the federal government can take to address disparities in borrower outcomes and make higher education equitable for all include:

  1. Improve accessibility to disaggregated, publicly available borrower data.
  2. Maintain and strengthen student protections throughout the borrower cycle.
  3. Make borrower policy equitable and transparent from the outset and with clear default prevention measures.
  4. Improve access to need-based aid.

Read the full response from Lumina’s Federal Policy team to a request from U.S. Senators Cortez Masto, Harris, Jones, and Warren.