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Dakota Pawlicki

Dakota leads Lumina's community mobilization work, which focuses on leveraging cross-sector partnerships to make major gains in postsecondary attainment. Dakota's prior work in designing and operating collaborative efforts to solve social challenges guides his work at Lumina. Serving in a dual role as director of strategic partnerships and projects, and director...Read bio »

Affordability, effectiveness among top education policy issues in 2020

Feb 03, 2020

College affordability, education for incarcerated or formerly incarcerated populations, the continued growth of mega-universities and the closure of small institutions are some of the issues likely to dominate education policy and generate headlines in 2020. Jesse O’Connell, strategy director for federal policy at Lumina Foundation, shares his six higher ed predictions for 2020.

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New Talent Hubs Serve Today’s Students

Jan 22, 2020

A shortage of talent across the country means millions of jobs are unfilled, and leaders from government, business, education, and communities realize that solving the shortage will mean growing a skilled workforce from the people they already have.

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In a test of fairness more colleges seek SAT alternatives

Jan 21, 2020

For decades, the SAT has been one of the most widely used measures in college admissions. But between a California lawsuit to stop schools from using the test in admission decisions and new University of Chicago research, future use of the SAT as an admissions tool may well be in doubt.

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Chambers of Commerce: Unlikely, but effective champions of education success

Dec 03, 2019

When we talk about the roles that businesses and higher education institutions play in preparing people for the world of work, rarely do we discuss the influence that chambers of commerce can have in that vital, shared effort.

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Pell Grants cover a dwindling share of college costs as students borrow more

Nov 19, 2019

Even as more students enroll in college and earn degrees, inequalities in U.S. higher education opportunity are increasing.

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We’re short of skilled workers – so train more of them instead of relying on tax breaks for development

Nov 06, 2019

Instead of spending $50 billion on tax incentives to lure businesses to their communities, state and local governments would be better off allocating at least half of that money for job training.

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Lumina podcast: Time to recognize lessons learned in the military

Oct 07, 2019

Veterans leave the military with training and skills that can be incredibly useful in the civilian world. But many find that when they enroll in higher education, they get little or no credit for what they’ve learned.

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Urban League's Marc Morial: Good jobs critical in erasing effects of discrimination

Sep 09, 2019

To help people learn the skills they need to get better jobs and move up the economic ladder, community-based workforce providers are as important as community colleges and four-year colleges.

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Free college? We need to fix the root problems with college affordability

Aug 05, 2019

A redesign of the American post-high school education system needs to start with a fresh look at how work and learning can be integrated.

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