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Dakota Pawlicki works for CivicLab directing the Talent Hubs work. He was previously a strategy officer at Lumina Foundation leading efforts focused on workforce education, particularly at community colleges.

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The demand for career pathways

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
There is a staffing crisis in healthcare - a crisis that is so bad, that some are calling it a national emergency. To meet today’s and tomorrow’s labor demand, leaders need to provide clear and supported career pathways to adults already in the workforce. In this episode, Dr. Jill Buban of EdAs
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Addressing Mental Health on College Campuses

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
A new report from NASPA and Uwill sheds light on the growing need and urgency to provide mental health services on college campuses.  In this episode, we discuss the findings from this national survey, discuss a state-wide initiative in Texas to improve mental health and wellbeing, and hear from tw
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State and Federal Policy Round Up

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Listen in as state and federal policy experts weigh in on the major themes from 2022 and expectations for 2023. Julie Peller from Higher Learning Advocates walks through the major movements at the federal level and Paola Santana from Lumina Foundation discusses state-level priorities for the upcomi
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Understanding public narratives about workforce and higher education

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Mainstream media and industry news shapes, reinforces, and redresses commonly held narratives—those underlying beliefs and attitudes that drive human behavior—about higher education and the workforce.  Dr. Rita Parhad and Emily Keane from Protagonist discuss the major narratives and counter-nar
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What it Takes To Return: Adults in Higher Education—Part 2

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Institutions and non-profits across the country are providing new kinds of services and redesigning policies and practices to support more adults in higher education. In part 2, we talk with Malik Brown and Sena Owereko from Graduate Philadelphia, and from Dr. Ed Mills and Kaley Martin at Sacramento
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What it Takes To Return: Adults in Higher Education—Part 1

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Millions of adults in the US have some college credit but never finished their degree. The path back into school a second time is much harder to navigate. We begin a two-part series by talking with adult students and their coaches to learn about what it takes to return to school. Listen as Juquill
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The Mental Health Crisis and Higher Education

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
A new study conducted by Gallup and Lumina Foundation found that three-fourths of students in bachelor’s programs and two-thirds of adults seeking associate degrees have considered taking a break from college due to emotional stress. Dr. Zainab Okolo of Lumina discusses the growing mental health c
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The Power of State Networks

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Aligning the work of state agencies, colleges, universities, community organizations, and philanthropy towards common goals takes trust, a neutral intermediary, and a focus on what is best for students. State-level networks across the country are leading efforts to make their state’s education an
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Equity-focused state policy is advancing throughout the U.S.

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Lumina’s Scott Jenkins and Commissioner Carlos Santiago of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education discuss the processes, principles, and policy ideas that advance racial equity in higher education.
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Less talk, more action: ‘Talent Hubs’ offer equity solutions

Wendy Sedlak, Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Students across the U.S. are rightfully demanding that colleges and universities go beyond listening to seriously address decades of racial inequity. As one Missouri student leader put it: “(My school) is making some change, but I won’t really give them a win until I start to see institutional c
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The Lumina Podcast: COVID containment, student loan payments among 2022’s top issues

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Join us as we wrap up the major higher ed news from 2021 with Danielle Douglas-Gabriel of the Washington Post, Elissa Nadworny of NPR, and Katherine Wheatle of Lumina Foundation. Together, we talk about the important and sometimes strange stories inside higher education, and consider themes to watc
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Native American journalists bring an indigenous perspective to the stories of Native students

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Go beyond the scenes with the team of Native American journalists and photographers that produced Native Excellence, the Fall 2021 issue of Focus Magazine. Suzette Brewer and Hondo Louis talk about their process, reporting during the pandemic, and about the importance of Native American representat
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We need to rethink campus policing

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
In this episode, we speak with Charles H. F. Davis, III, Nadine Jones, Wisdom Cole, Marlon Lynch, and Jael Kerandi to learn about how communities are working together to address campus safety. Lumina Strategy Officer, Katherine Wheatle, joins as co-host.
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Helping student-parents stay in college comes down to the basics - like food and shelter

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Nearly 1 in 4 college students today have children or care for dependents. Colleges and universities are often not set up to support parenting students. Nicole Lynn Lewis of Generation Hope, and Buffy Tanner and Janet Hubbard of Shasta College join us to talk about what is being done to support pare
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Short-term credentials: Necessary and often valuable, but proceed with caution

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Short-term credential programs are rapidly expanding. Concerns about equity and quality need to be addressed while more federal and state funding accelerates this expansion. Join my guests Kermit Kaleba, Senator Tim Kaine, Jesse O’Connell, Randy Stamper, and Dr. Monique Ositelu to learn more.
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Changing the narrative on borrowers of color

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Stark differences by race and ethnicity in student borrowing trends are well known, but real progress depends on setting up a different conversation. Dr. Amanda Tachine and Amanda Martinez offer insights on how we can better understand the experiences of Native and Latino student loan borrowers. Co-
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Take what you have, build what you need – Innovation in higher ed

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
The definitions provided by my three guests on the 26th episode of the Lumina Foundation podcast “Today’s Students/Tomorrow’s Talent” are all over the map and extend well beyond technology. And that appears to be a good thing, because we’re talking about innovations in areas as wide-rangin
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Learning from Exemplars: How to build local talent

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
Economic recovery depends on the ability of regions to work collaboratively – that is the consensus of state and regional leaders who know we can’t return to pre-pandemic employment rates simply by incentivizing job creation. They know that the strength of the workforce is directly tied to a reg
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Time for change in this critical moment for higher ed racial equity, cost of college

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
“I think it’s fantastic that we are seeing equity creep into conversations about what higher education policy should look like. But, I’m really concerned that I’m already seeing it creep on out,” Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Jesse O’Connell, and Amanda DeLaRosa offer their optimism and conc
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Supporting Veterans and the GI Bill: A conversation with the Cyrus family, Dr. Eddie R. Cole, and Carrie Wofford

Dakota Pawlicki  | 
The GI Bill provides education, housing and other supports to veterans, but not everyone benefits equally.  On this Veterans Day show we talk with veterans, historians, and advocates focused on improving education opportunities for those who have served.