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Dakota Pawlicki

Dakota leads Lumina's community mobilization work, which focuses on leveraging cross-sector partnerships to make major gains in postsecondary attainment. Dakota's prior work in designing and operating collaborative efforts to solve social challenges guides his work at Lumina. Serving in a dual role as director of strategic partnerships and projects, and director...Read bio »

Lumina Podcast – Pop culture can promote diversity, post-high school learning

July 02, 2019

In past episodes of the Lumina Foundation podcast “Today’s Students/Tomorrow’s Talent,” we’ve talked about learning at the system level. Episode 12 gets inside the classroom for a discussion of the connection between teaching and learning.

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Death of the entry-level job? No way, if major firms have anything to say about it.

June 17, 2019

As my colleague Haley Glover likes to point out, business is the largest consumer of education and has the most at stake when it comes to having a well-educated workforce. So what are corporations doing to educate workers?

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College today: More students are older, working, supporting others

June 03, 2019

We talk about college affordability a lot these days, but the challenges for some students go beyond just money: Forty percent work full time and one fourth have children or other dependents.

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Podcast: Students, faculty, staff all feel the pain in college closures

May 28, 2019

Laura De Veau had been with Mount Ida College for 10 years—first as director of residence life, then later as vice president for student affairs—when the Newton, Massachusetts, school announced on April 6, 2018, that it would be closing down six weeks later.

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Podcast: Students feel the pain when for-profit colleges close

May 07, 2019

Closing a college should be relatively easy—painful and emotional, yes, but it can be done responsibly. Yet often, especially in the world of for-profit schools, it’s not.

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Education policy is about finding solutions – and compromise

April 22, 2019

The federal Higher Education Act hasn’t been reauthorized since 2008, and with a divided Congress it’s not likely to be again this year. But several states are instituting strategies that could eventually be worth replicating.

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More colleges need to step up their game amid the rise of Latino students

April 08, 2019

As the number of Latinos in the United States grows — it’s nearly 59 million people, or 18 percent of the population — colleges and universities are seeing increases in both their rates of enrollment and degree completion.

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It’s not just for them: Why prison education matters

March 25, 2019

One of our goals at Lumina is to make sure everyone has access to the education they need to get on a path to employment and lead a thriving life. That’s why Lumina’s work includes postsecondary education both inside prison and during re-entry efforts.

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Moving forward: Education leaders making a difference

Jan 23, 2019

From Tennessee to the Pacific Northwest, leaders in the education field are working to make college accessible and affordable—not only for traditional students but for adults who want to go back to school to complete the degrees that in many cases they started years ago.

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