Katy Launius

Katy Launius

Strategy Officer for Student Success

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Prioritizing adult learners of color makes education better for all of us

Wayne Taliaferro, Katy Launius  | 
Over the last two years, Lumina has supported the REACH Collaborative, which stands for Racial Equity for Adult Credentials in Higher Education and works with community colleges to help adult students of color attain associate degrees and other credentials.
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Worried about the “enrollment cliff”? It’s time to change our perception of who goes to college.

Katy Launius, Mary Laphen Pope  | 
In 2007, Mayra Fierro went to a liberal arts college in Florida right after high school but quickly discovered that the experience wasn’t for her. She was more than prepared academically—she graduated a year early from high school. But her family struggled to pay tuition, even with a scholarship
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We know what works to help student parents afford childcare.

Katy Launius  | 
Many adult learners can’t afford hot meals or shelter. If they’re parents, they can’t afford child care. Three out of five college students say they lack the necessities of life, with students of color disproportionately affected.