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June 20, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
Women Are Missing Out on the Biggest Jobs Boom in America
Gerald Porter Jr. and Lynn Doan, Bloomberg
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Clean energy has a dirty secret.

While the industry is welcoming more women leaders, its rank-and-file workforce is still a lot like those at fossil-fuel companies: white and dominated by men. The lack of gender diversity is being driven by manufacturing jobs, and that means women are now missing out on the biggest jobs boom America has to offer.

Jamie Merisotis
How Colleges Are Changing Remedial Education
James Paterson, Education Dive
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Well-intentioned remedial education courses, and the testing that too often imprecisely places students in them, may be doing more harm than good.

Instead, recent research and exploratory initiatives suggest that colleges could replace such courses and tests with a mix of assessment methods and alternative supports to move students ahead while catching them up.

Jamie Merisotis
Thousands of Students Cross the U.S.-Mexico Border Every Day to Go to College
Charlotte West, The Hechinger Report
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Every day, thousands of students at colleges and universities in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas cross the U.S.-Mexico border in pursuit of their college dreams. Many stay in Mexico because it’s cheaper to live there, while others moved near the border to continue their educations in the United States after their parents were deported. Some started crossing in elementary school.

Some institutions with large transborder populations have made efforts to reach out to border commuters. The University of Texas at El Paso, for instance, worked with the local transportation authority to ensure there are buses from the ports of entry to the university. At Arizona Western College in Yuma, the administration encourages faculty members to ask students questions and avoid making assumptions when they are late or miss class. 

Jamie Merisotis
Optimizing the Student Transfer Experience by Minimizing Credit Loss
The EvoLLLution
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Losing academic credits takes a toll on transfer students and their motivation to succeed. In this interview, Devin Andrews of the University of Phoenix shares her thoughts on some of the most common roadblocks standing in the way of academic credit transfer, as well as the tools and resources institutions need to evaluate transfer credit more efficiently and consistently.

The New Credentials Marketplace
Dewayne Matthews, Higher Learning Advocates
Blog: Emerging Roles of AI in Education
Ray Schroeder, Online: Trending Now
Financial and Academic Support Boost Success
Russell Johnson, AACC 21st Century Center
Essay: Navigating Academic and Student Affairs for Pathways Success
Feleccia Moore-Davis and Sheri Rowland, Inside Higher Ed
Commentary: Partnering to Build Pathways to Careers
Debbie Critchfield, Idaho EdNews
Why Are Residents Leaving Illinois in Droves?
Matt Vasilogambros, Stateline
House Panel Examines Dual Credit, CBE
Matthew Dembicki, Community College Daily
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