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May 6, 2019
Jamie Merisotis
Ph.D. Student’s App Aims to Improve College Match and Completion
LaMont Jones, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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As a teacher at a private high school in an affluent San Francisco Bay-area community and later as a dean at a high-needs public charter school in California, Vielka Hoy noticed wide differences between the two institutions in college-attainment rates and in where students decided to matriculate.

The disparities had less to do with academic ability than with perceptions about affordability, awareness of school options, and how opportunities for access were structured. Hoy's solution: create a mobile app called Bridge to College.

Understanding Higher Ed's Role in Workforce Education Partnerships
Hallie Busta, Education Dive
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Automation, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies are changing the nature of work, and colleges and universities are pushing to keep up with the resulting demand for more and different kinds of education and training. But they're not working alone. Employers, which have scaled back their investments in employee education in recent years, are again seeing a need to be involved in that upskilling.
How a Math Class Sparked Students’ Engagement in Their Community
Beth McMurtrie, The Chronicle of Higher Education
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What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “community-engaged scholarship”? Chances are it doesn’t involve logistic-regression or principal-components analysis.

Yet those are skills students use in a statistics course at Swarthmore College to help local nonprofits figure out what their data are telling them about their work. It’s just one example of how professors are trying to design coursework for undergraduates that connects the classroom with the outside world. 
Jamie Merisotis
'Do They Kick Out Pregnant People?' Navigating College With Kids
Elissa Nadworny, NPR
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Akiya Parks is a senior at the University of Florida. She has many hopes and dreams for her future and that of her 3-year-old son Caleb. At the top of her list: She wants to see college campuses celebrating student-parents like her.

Nearly 4 million college students are raising children—a fifth of all undergraduates. They have better grades than their peers without kids but are less likely to graduate. The right supports, including access to quality childcare, coaching, affordable family housing, emergency financial aid, and mentoring, could dramatically improve their odds of success. 

What If We Hired for Skills, Not Degrees?
Lawrence Lanahan, The Hechinger Report
Support Single Mothers in College to Make Education More Equitable for All
Barbara Gault and Jennifer Zeisler, Stanford Social Innovation Review
UIowa’s Afro House, a Safe Space for Black Students
Tiffany Pennamon, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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